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Happy Birthday on July 2 to Rosemary Rausch!

Our birthday for this week is Rosemary Rausch, who will turn 29 (again!) on Friday, July 2.

Rosemary is “Grandma Rose” to Racine, who works here at the drugstore. In fact, Racine was the one who alerted us to Rosemary’s upcoming birthday as she was selecting a card for her grandmother.

Because Rosemary’s husband, Dale, is in Lions Club with Joe, I went looking back through old Lions Club photos for a picture of Rosemary and found one from 2006 at the Lions Club picnic. In the photo were Racine and her sister, Kayla (who also worked at the drugstore), long before they were pharmacy employees. The girls had kindly agreed to attend the picnic with their grandparents.

We wanted a more recent photo of Rosemary, however, so Joe told Racine to call her grandma and ask her to come to the pharmacy. We were trying to think of reasons why she should come–fresh baked cookies? When Racine called, she got her grandpa on the phone. He made up his own reason to get Rosemary to the pharmacy. He told her that Racine had called and there was a prescription at the pharmacy she needed to pick up. Rosemary, who was mowing the lawn at the time, jumped off the mower and came to get the nonexistent medicine. Rosemary did not want her photo taken at first–she was hot from mowing and did not think she looked her best–but Racine convinced her otherwise. We told Racine that her grandma must really love her to drop everything because she had called and pose for a picture!

Happy Birthday, Rosemary! We are sorry we had to trick you for the photo!

Racine also wanted us to wish her other grandma, Mary Hostetler, a happy birthday on Thursday, July 1. Two grandmas with birthdays within a day of each other!

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