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Archive for June, 2010

Plain City Public Library Offers a Ton of Fun in the Summer!

We loved the horse topiary (now named Hope) that was placed next to the Plain City Public Library in the spring of 2009 to begin their Community Garden Project. In case you haven’t been by in a while, there are some new topiaries in the garden keeping Hope company. These include two pigs, several chickens, and a rooster. 

You can see photos of the Library Community Garden Project on Facebook and on the Library web site: Garden Project Photos

Every Tuesday through August 10 beginning at 3 pm, kids ages 8-12 can take part in the GRUBS Kid’s Gardening Club. This garden club will explore and dig around in the newly expanded garden. Some of the fun projects Club Members will take part in will include: building a sunflower fort, growing a cucumber in a bottle, and making stepping stones for the garden. To find out more about this program and other programs for kids: June Kids’ Programs

The Summer Reading Program, “Make a Splash–Read!”  just kicked off last Monday, June 14. There is still time to sign up for this program in which you can win prizes for reading over the summer. 

Sign up on the Library web site to get E-newsletters telling you about all the great programs the Library has to offer for kids, teens, and adults. Our Library is a super place to visit and we should never take it for granted!

Happy Birthday to Our Mom (and Mom-in-law), Roberta Timmons on June 27!

We want to wish our Mom and Mother-in-law, Roberta Timmons, a very happy birthday on Sunday, June 27. This is one of the “big decade” birthdays–you know, 30, 40, 50, 60–but we won’t tell you which one Mom is celebrating. You will have to figure that out on your own. Or just ask her–she’ll be more than happy to tell you, because everyone is always astonished and swears she can’t be that old (she is, though!). 

This older photo of her from the days when she used to “tease” her hair to give it “height” may help you guess her age a little better. It might also let you discover her “true” hair color! But don’t tell her we said so! 

Happy Birthday, Mom. We Love You!!

Happy Father’s Day to All the Area Fathers and Important Dads in Our Lives.

Joe and his father-in-law, Bob Timmons, Robin’s Dad. Yes, these two did actually show up to something wearing the exact same shirt.

We want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the area and pay tribute to some special men in our lives, both living and deceased, who have had a major impact on us. Even if they weren’t our actual fathers, they borrowed us for a while and acted like surrogate dads. Thank you to our dads, grandfathers, and other super men, who weren’t our fathers, but who treated us like they were. We love you.

Madison County’s Biggest Loser Contest Begins Today, June 16.

Madison County’s Biggest Loser Contest begins today, June 16, with weigh-ins at 6:30 pm at several businesses, including Plain City Druggist. The entry fee is $50 and the contest runs until October 6, with a final weigh-in on that date. Weigh-ins will take place each Wednesday at Plain City Druggist and other county businesses. Plain City Druggist is the only place to weigh-in in Plain City. Other weigh-in businesses include Fit By Design in London, West Jefferson Chiropractic, and HealthSource in Mt. Sterling. All of these businesses are sponsoring the contest along with “Our Community” paper. There will be cash prizes, men’s and women’s divisions, and chances to participate in exercise classes. To see official rules, stop in the pharmacy. You can also call Plain City Druggist to schedule your weigh-in appointment: 614-873-0880.

For more information, visit the “Our Community” Facebook page: Biggest Loser Rules

The Running Man on The Running Van.

Joe had a bright idea for the van.

We’ve been wanting to get the van painted or “wrapped” to make it more noticeable. Remember the old van with the flames down the side and the motto that everyone laughed about: “Home Known, Home Grown, Home Town”? The police told us they frown on the term “home grown” used in conjunction with a pharmacy.

Or how about the big black Sprinter van that had the metallic gold lettering and was meant to look like an old time medicine wagon? People from all over the state used to tell us they saw that van in the parking lot. It was like a giant billboard.

The big white Sprinter we have now is so dull–just big and white–we haven’t been able to make a decision on how to jazz it up.

Until now…

Joe had a bright idea to put an image of himself on the side of the van, running. Running, as if he is delivering a prescription to you. Because, in essence, isn’t that what we’re doing in the van–personally bringing your medicine to you?

These are some of the photos Jay Gehres took of Joe to give the artists ideas on how to paint the van.

Be on the look out soon for THE RUNNING MAN on the running van…