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The Running Man on The Running Van.

Joe had a bright idea for the van.

We’ve been wanting to get the van painted or “wrapped” to make it more noticeable. Remember the old van with the flames down the side and the motto that everyone laughed about: “Home Known, Home Grown, Home Town”? The police told us they frown on the term “home grown” used in conjunction with a pharmacy.

Or how about the big black Sprinter van that had the metallic gold lettering and was meant to look like an old time medicine wagon? People from all over the state used to tell us they saw that van in the parking lot. It was like a giant billboard.

The big white Sprinter we have now is so dull–just big and white–we haven’t been able to make a decision on how to jazz it up.

Until now…

Joe had a bright idea to put an image of himself on the side of the van, running. Running, as if he is delivering a prescription to you. Because, in essence, isn’t that what we’re doing in the van–personally bringing your medicine to you?

These are some of the photos Jay Gehres took of Joe to give the artists ideas on how to paint the van.

Be on the look out soon for THE RUNNING MAN on the running van…  

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