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Archive for July, 2010

Jim’s Diner is Now Open Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm.

Plain City is a bit strict about signs. The sign code is meant to protect our little village from looking like Las Vegas (not that that will happen any time soon). 

But there is something the village officials need to take into consideration: Signs help businesses.

The best example I can think of is the sign Jim Moore has posted in front of the diner proclaiming that the restaurant is now open Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm. Because of that little sign, Joe and I have eaten breakfast at Jim’s Diner several Sundays over the past months. We would not have known about the Sunday hours without that sign.

In case you didn’t see the sign, eat at Jim’s this Sunday.

Lower London Street Dixieland Jazz Band Plays the Last Tuesday of the Month at The Red Brick Tavern.




Band Members: Rick Dickerson-Lead Cornet and Vocals; Doug Jennings-Clarinet; Bob Lackey-Trombone; Glenn Parks-Banjo, Vocals, Announcer; Jim Scofield-Tuba; Ernie Sparks-Percussion (Ernie is not pictured in this photograph).


For over twenty-five years, since 1978, the Lower London Street Dixieland Band has been playing at The Red Brick Tavern in Lafayette. They are always there on the last Tuesday of the month beginning at 7:30 pm and continuing until about 9:30 or 10 pm. 

Joe and I first were introduced to the band when Joe interned at The Medicine Shoppe in London with pharmacist, Ernie Sparks. Ernie is the drummer in the band, which plays dixieland jazz in a traditional San Francisco style. 

We stopped over last night to hear the band play, eating dinner in the bar area since the dining room was packed with faithful jazz fans. The band puts on a toe tapping show complete with many jokes and solo performances by each of the band members (they always tease that Ernie never knows when to end his solo). Ernie was playing the drums last night even though he recently injured his foot in a motorcycle accident and had to have surgery. Talk about dedication!

If you like jazz music or are just a music fan in general, a visit to The Red Brick Tavern to hear Ernie and the guys play is definitely worth an evening out. 

If you would like to make reservations to hear the band the next time they play on Tuesday, August 31, call The Red Brick Tavern at 740-852-1474. The Red Brick Tavern is located at 1700 Cumberland Road (Route 40) in Lafayette. The historic inn, which was once on the stagecoach route, is worth a visit. To find out more, visit their web site: The Red Brick Tavern

Little Drummer Boy--even with a hurt foot, Ernie Sparks was still a dedicated performer. As the old saying goes, "The show must go on."

CHIGGERS! By Matt Byrdy (Our Stupendous Pharmacy Student)

Magnified view of a chigger larvae.

Summer is prime time for outdoor pursuits in Central Ohio, but one should be aware of certain tiny insects that may turn a weekend adventure into a miserable itch-fest. The culprits: chiggers. These tiny parasites lurk on tall grass, weeds, and in berry patches seeking to latch on to any unsuspecting animal that happens to brush by. It turns out that more often than not, humans are the first ones who come in contact with them.

You may be familiar with the resulting redness and intense itching caused by these little bugs. Contrary to popular belief, chiggers do not bore into the skin. The itching is caused by an enzyme injected into the skin after the chigger latches on to its host. This powerful enzyme is used by the insect to break down skin cells into a liquid that is then sucked up by the chigger. All of this occurs within a matter of 4 to 8 hours since it doesn’t take long for the insect to release and fall off. The problem is that the itching and redness can last for up to two weeks.

The best treatments for these bites are topical creams such as hydrocortisone or even calamine lotion. There are also products that contain ingredients such as menthol or benzocaine to help cool the itch. Some remedies that have worked for people are clear nail polish or even meat tenderizer. However, if the chiggers cause a serious reaction that is not improving with these treatments, a doctor may prescribe medications to ease your body’s reaction to the bite.

Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep these insects at bay by frequently mowing briars, weeds, and thick vegetation. Wear protective clothing like high boots and tightly woven trousers to keep chiggers off of your body. If you think that you have come in contact with chiggers, be sure to wash your clothing in hot water ASAP. Finally, consider applying a product that contains DEET. Typically used as mosquito repellants, something like Off ® or Cutter ® will probably do the trick to keep chiggers away and allow you to enjoy all that summer has to offer.

Chigger bites on the ankle....not cool.

Who is This Lone Knight Who So Stoically Guards PCD?

Where didst this noble knight come from? Why hast he taken up residence beside the back door of Plain City Druggist? What foul deed does he guard the drugstore from falling victim to?

And, honestly, is that really a knight or just a very short piece of armor? We hope, in this heat, there is no one inside.

Here’s the tale of our empty suit of armor. 

We recently attended one of Joe’s family reunions. The Maggerts are a bunch of tricksters who always hold an auction during their weekend family event to pay for food and other expenses associated with the gathering (they are tricksters, but very frugal ones). There are lots of good things in the auction, but also funny things, as well, which is just what you would expect from this group who loves a good laugh.

At the last Maggert reunion in June, Joe and I left before the auction was over and before the suit of armor went on the auction block. Somehow, Joe’s brother, Aaron, ended up with it and deposited it behind the pharmacy. We’re not sure if Aaron actually bid on it and brought it to us as a joke or if the practical jokester Maggerts thought an armored knight was just what our pharmacy needed to guard us against “drug dealers” and other unsavory characters. In any case, the armor is now with us and we are trying to decide what to do with it.

Here are a few possibilities:

Should we sneak over to Aaron’s and leave the armor for him? Maybe perched in the back of his truck? Joe and Aaron used to pass a t-shirt with a rather tacky message on it back and forth to each other on birthdays and at Christmas. Maybe the armor can be passed around in the same way.

Should we set the suit of armor by the front door of the drugstore, a bit like the old cigar store wooden Indians that hovered in entryways decades ago? 

Should we set our pretend Knight near the front counter with a message attached to his shield? Perhaps something like this: “If it feels like you’ve been waiting since Medieval Times for your prescriptions, get in line behind me. The staff will have your medicines ready promptly or suffer the wrath of an angry knight.”

What do you think should become of our empty suit of armor? 

Here stands our knight with a box containing all his worldly valuables (perhaps a change of underwear and his dog-eared copy of The Canterbury Tales) and a cooler for his Royal Crown Cola.

Jill Yutzy and Friends are Planning a Mission Trip to Thailand.

Jill Yutzy, who is one of the smiling faces you see behind the cash register and the steering wheel of the delivery van, is leaving on August 25 for a four week “Vision Trip to Asia” via Global Tribes Outreach. Jill is going with her friends, Sara and Brandon. The trio will have a two day orientation in New York City before heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand. They will return to the United States on September 30. 

Jill states in the letter that she sent to friends and family that the goal and mission she, Sara, and Brandon share is “to have God use us as His instruments to spread the Gospel and be a Light to those around us.” With Global Tribes Outreach, Jill will be interacting with the Thai people and leaving behind her “comfort zone.” 

Jill is required on this trip to support herself. The total costs are around $3500 per person. For all three of the young people, the amount will be $10,500. Jill would greatly appreciate any donations you might want to make to help her with this trip. We have a donation jar beside the cash register at the store to help her with her fundraising. If you would like to drop off your change or even a much larger donation, you can leave it for Jill at the pharmacy. 

More than donations, however, Jill is asking for your prayers while she is overseas. We promise that when she gets back, we will update you on her progress and hopefully post a few photos. 

Thank you for keeping Jill in your thoughts as she prepares for and then leaves for Thailand. 

To find out more about Global Tribes Outreach, visit their web site HERE.