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Jill Yutzy and Friends are Planning a Mission Trip to Thailand.

Jill Yutzy, who is one of the smiling faces you see behind the cash register and the steering wheel of the delivery van, is leaving on August 25 for a four week “Vision Trip to Asia” via Global Tribes Outreach. Jill is going with her friends, Sara and Brandon. The trio will have a two day orientation in New York City before heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand. They will return to the United States on September 30. 

Jill states in the letter that she sent to friends and family that the goal and mission she, Sara, and Brandon share is “to have God use us as His instruments to spread the Gospel and be a Light to those around us.” With Global Tribes Outreach, Jill will be interacting with the Thai people and leaving behind her “comfort zone.” 

Jill is required on this trip to support herself. The total costs are around $3500 per person. For all three of the young people, the amount will be $10,500. Jill would greatly appreciate any donations you might want to make to help her with this trip. We have a donation jar beside the cash register at the store to help her with her fundraising. If you would like to drop off your change or even a much larger donation, you can leave it for Jill at the pharmacy. 

More than donations, however, Jill is asking for your prayers while she is overseas. We promise that when she gets back, we will update you on her progress and hopefully post a few photos. 

Thank you for keeping Jill in your thoughts as she prepares for and then leaves for Thailand. 

To find out more about Global Tribes Outreach, visit their web site HERE.

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