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Levitating Joe. And, No, This is Not Trick Photography!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Joe had the bright idea that for the side of the big white elephant…er, van that we use for deliveries, we should have a picture of him running while carrying a prescription bag. This was meant to look as if Joe was personally hustling to get your medicines to you–which, in fact, is what he always tries to do in the pharmacy. 

Well, Jay Gehres, a good friend and wonderful photographer, agreed to take photos of Joe running so the designer would have an image to use for the side of the van. I posted some of those earlier pictures, but Joe was actually walking in them and you can tell that. Jay and Joe decided that Joe needed to actually be running to get real “action shots.”

So a few weeks ago, Joe sprinted up and down the sidewalk next to Dr. Adams’ office and Jay took lots of photos. In some of the pictures, Joe was running so fast, his feet aren’t even hitting the pavement. Jay did not doctor these pictures. Joe actually looks like he is walking on air. Perhaps, he just has so much joy that his feet never touch the ground! 

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