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Archive for July, 2010

Have You Worn the Sombrero?


The Hispanic Pharmacist from London, Ernie Sparks. Just call him "Ernesto."


We have a sombrero that Joe bought this past year thinking he would wear it during our “Week of Costumes” leading up to our 10th Anniversary party. While Joe did try it on and wear it for a time in the store, more often than not, it was our customers who ended up with it on their heads.

If you are anybody, you’ve worn the sombrero.

And if you haven’t worn it yet, don’t despair. The sombrero is waiting for you in the clinic room. Ask to try it on. We’ll gladly take your picture. We plan to feature a “Sombrero Customer” on the blog every month. It could be you! You could be famous! You could be “muy famoso.”

Happy Birthday on July 22 to Our Former Employee, Matt Slota.

Matt has worked at Plain City Druggist over the past year, helping us out with cleaning chores and other necessary duties in the drugstore (usually all the things that no one else had time to do or wanted to do–so Matt was a great help). Matt left for the summer to be a lifeguard at Life Time Fitness in Dublin. He was able to obtain full time hours there, plus the added perks of “bikini watching” and lots of pool time–things he definitely would not have been able to get working in the drugstore!

We want to wish Matt a very happy birthday on July 22. 

These older photos of Matt show him with his dad, Jim, at Christmas Under the Clock in 2006 and with his mom, Monica, helping with the downtown clean-up in 2004 or 2005. Matt is learning from his parents, and hopefully, from us, as well, to support his local community.

He is also learning a thing or two about not falling asleep in a lifeguard chair. Matt’s shift at Life Time Fitness starts very early in the morning and we hear that he’s had some trouble staying awake during those pre-dawn hours. A fall from a lifeguard chair would not be much fun, so we hope Matt keeps his eyes wide open or holds on firmly to the chair if he does doze off. 

Happy Birthday, Matt, from all of us at Plain City Druggist. 

There is Still Time To Get Your Lemon Shake Up From Joe!

There is still time to have Joe make you a lemon shake up at the Lions Club booth at the Steam Show. Joe will end his shift today at 6 pm, but he’ll be back in there bright and early Sunday morning working 6 am to 10 am. Now, we know that 6 am is a bit early for a lemon shake up, but you can always just stop by to visit.

We had a really good time in the parade Friday night, too. We want to thank Racine and Barb for coming out on their own time to help. Barb also brought Steve and her granddaughters (they had hurried back from a vacation just to ride in the parade), who got into a giant squirt gun fight with my dad at the end of the parade.

Charles Holcombe, our relief pharmacist, also came to see what all the ruckus was about, as well as our pharmacy student, Matt. Charles, Matt, and Joe saved the day, because we had forgotten the balls and beads to throw in the parade back at the pharmacy. Charles drove, at speeds a Nascar driver would be proud of, down through the little back streets to beat the police who were closing the roads for the parade. There would have been a lot of disappointed kids if those balls and beads had not arrived.

We also spent the final moments before the parade began blowing up inflatable beach balls that had been overlooked. So by the time the line of tractors and floats wound out through Pastime Park, we were all out of breath.

We like the parades for a lot of reasons.

For one, they are always ego boosting. There is nothing like having multitudes of people calling your name to make you feel like a rock star.

Secondly, seeing the little kids jump up and down with joy when you toss them a “bouncy ball” or a sparkly chain of beads makes you just as happy as they are.  In fact, more adults get excited about the beads than the kids! We have learned from all the smiles and laughs that happiness truly is infectious.

One of our goals for the parade is to never run out of beads or candy before we hit Main Street. The very first year we did the parade, Paul Carpenter, our delivery driver had been inspired to participate in it. But we did it on the spur of the moment and didn’t have much candy bagged. We ran out of things to throw by the time we turned the corner from North Avenue. So we have always vowed to have candy and beads for the children lining Main Street. Most of the other parade participants have given out all their goodies by that point and those kids get cheated. We managed to stick with our goal this year and we had candy and balls and beads right until the very end as we pulled back into Pastime Park.

The other part of our goal, however, is to have nothing left over. We achieved that goal, too.

We had heard that there was a water coup planned by Dr. Shugert and Joe was ready with several squirt guns and loaded water balloons, but the mutinous battle never materialized. Maybe next year…

We want to thank everyone who came out to support the Steam Threshers and Plain City Druggist in the parade. And if we failed to toss a ball or string of beads your way, remember, there is always another parade just around the corner.

Eat Until You Burst at the Lions Club Booth at the Miami Valley Steam Show!

Once again the Plain City Lions Club will be serving Bob Evans’ “Farm Boy” sausage sandwiches and bratwursts at the Miami Valley Steam Threshers Show in the Lions’ booth in Pastime Park. The Lions always have the best prices around and they’ve had to have their arms twisted to raise their prices even a little. The sandwiches will still be very affordable at $3.

Not only can you get a sandwich, but the menu also features the famous Lions’ “Lemon Shake Up.” Joe has nearly thrown his back out some years shaking up those lemons.

The Lions Club Stand is open from 6 am to 10 pm and they do serve breakfast. You can get pancakes, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and eggs (any way you like them).

We would like to thank outgoing President, Roger Weeks, for all his hard work during this past year and his continued service during the Steam Show. Incoming President, Ben Cosgray, has some big shoes to step in to.

Joe will be helping the Lions in the booth, as always, so look for him during the four days of the show from Thursday, July 15 to Sunday, July 18. If you’d like to have Joe personally shake your lemon shake up, he will be working at the booth on Thursday from 6 pm-10 pm, Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm, and Sunday from 6 am to 10 am. He will, of course, NOT be available in the booth Friday night at 6 pm, as Plain City Druggist is once again participating in the Steam Show parade.

We’ve had a couple of people ask where Joe would be in the parade, which vehicle he would be in, and so forth, so we think there may be an ambush planned with water balloons or squirt guns. Watch out if you happen to fall in the line of fire. You will probably get wet.

The Steam Show this year features the Oliver. To find out more and to get a complete schedule for all the events for the show, visit the Miami Valley Steam Threshers Web Site.

Happy Birthday on July 17 to Margie Henderson, Technician Supreme!

We told you last week that we had two special birthdays this week. First up is Paisley Robert’s 15th Birthday on July 13th. But later in the week, we will also be celebrating Margie Henderson’s Birthday on Saturday, July 17th. With both Margie and Paisley, we have sometimes celebrated their birthdays during the Steam Threshers parades when their important days happened to fall on the Friday of the Steam Show. Not many people get a parade on their birthday, but these two are so special that they have waved to crowds of adoring fans from their perch on the parade trailer.

We know that we could not do what we do here at Plain City Druggist without Margie. She can input prescriptions, count them, and have them ready for Joe to check in record speed. Since her birthday happens to fall on a Saturday this year, we hope she will get a few moments to relax, enjoy herself, and maybe even fill up on a hearty pasta dinner (yes, our sweet Margie is Italian–bet you could have guessed that!).


Happy Birthday, Margie. You keep things running at Plain City Druggist and for that you deserve the best birthday ever (that and a stress ball to squeeze sometimes when you can’t get Joe to slow down, control his ADD, and give you an answer)!