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Archive for August, 2010

Update from Jill Yutzy on her Mission Trip to China.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Jill Yutzy left on August 25 for a four week, “Vision Trip to Asia” via Global Tribes Outreach. Jill went with friends, Brandon and Sara, and will be in China and Thailand. The trio will return to the United States on September 30. Jill asked that everyone keep her in their prayers during this month while she is gone.

We recently had this email from Jill’s parents, Gary and Ina Yutzy:

Dear Friends–We got this letter from Jill on Sunday.  So good to hear they are doing okay and things are going well.  You can reply to her, but be careful what you write –no use of God, Bibles, Church, praying (use ‘yarping’ as the code word for praying), etc.  They are in a non-Christian friendly county and this could cause problems.  The ‘gifts’ she refers to are the Bibles they smuggled in, I believe. Thanks for your interest and your prayers!  Gary and Ina”

Jill’s Letter:

“Hey, hey, hey, folks–it’s just Jill reporting from lands afar off! =) Still in one piece. Currently in China and having lots of fun! =) Much laughter going on at the moment, because we’re all so tired that we tend to get a little loopy at times. Good stuff !

“Our experiences so far: There are eight of us with Andrew Gingerich as our edge leader. We hiked a while the one day here in China with our hiking packs loaded.  We were all carrying around 70 or more lbs with our hiking packs full of ‘gifts’ and our backpacks. Waddling away we went. It was quite the sight with eight of us traipsing around with packs on our backs and fronts. Delivering ‘gifts’ went smoothly and was exciting! =D We were all quite relieved when our burden was lighter! We’ve had much tasting of Chinese food and have had some quite interesting items. It’s only begun!

“The squatty potty, I can say, is not on my list of favorites. Ahhh, I got to use a regular commode today and I had to remember how to sit normally. It felt ever so good! Ha,ha =)  Today we came to another friend’s house and then had lunch. Then later this afternoon, we went ‘yarpwalking’ and got some snacks to set us up for our treks. We’re splitting up tomorrow. I don’t know what we’re going to get into, but we’re going out into the villages which should be interesting! Ach, my eyes are going cross-eyed on me and others want the computer so off I go.

“Thanks for all of you who are ‘yarping’ for me. It is much appreciated and I will definitely be needing it some more! He’s been good! =) I’ll talk to you later.

“Just Jill”

If you would like to email Jill and offer her your support, you can send her letters at juzjilly@gmail.com

Remember, leave out any references to Bibles or praying in the emails to keep Jill safe. 

“Be The Church” on Sunday, September 5.

The motto is: “Don’t just go to church. BE the Church.” And on Sunday, September 5, that is exactly what the twenty-one churches of the Plain City Church Fellowship are asking their congregations and the Plain City community to do. Be the Church. Many of the churches are canceling their services to instead carry out charitable activities within Plain City and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to get involved, you can gather with other participants in Pastime Park in Plain City at 8:30 am on Sunday, September 5. There will be a brief period of worship and prayer and then participants will spread throughout Plain City to partake in service projects. The American Red Cross Blood Drive mobile unit will be in the park for the day. There will also be “Neighborhood Festivals” in Green Meadows trailer park, Canaan Community trailer park, and Pastime Park.

After completing a day of “being the face of the church,” participants will gather in Pastime Park to share a meal and celebrate the day.

To find out more and read the complete list of projects, visit: Be the Church 2010

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! By Anna Gehres (who is now feeling very itchy after writing this!)



An average bed bug

So what are bed bugs? Bed bugs are wingless insects that feed on the blood of humans and other mammals. They are a rusty brown color and oval shaped. Bed bugs are not known to carry disease but bed bugs themselves can spread easily.

Bed bugs can happen to anyone! Even the cleanest homes and hotel rooms can get bed bugs. It is important to know how to tell if bed bugs are present in your home. Look for the following:

Small rusty spots on mattresses and bed liners.

Red itchy welts on the skin (often in a row) that occur overnight.

While bed bugs are often found on mattresses, they can also hide in electrical outlets, window/door frames, drapery, baseboards, furniture, or loose wallpaper. Removing bed bugs is possible, but in many cases requires the help of a professional exterminator. Awareness of bed bugs and early detection can help protect your family. Here are a few suggestions to prevent bed bugs:

Regularly check mattresses and linens.

Inspect secondhand items thoroughly for bed bugs.

Check for bed bugs when traveling to hotels.

If you think you have bed bugs (and live in Central Ohio) call 2-1-1 to be connected to resources. In addition, see the below websites for bed bug resources. 

For more information on beg bugs:

Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force: centralohiobedbugs.org

Call 2-1-1 for Bed Bug Answers.

The Bed Bug Resource: http://thebedbugresource.com/

Bed Bugger Blog: http://bedbugger.com/

Bed Bug Bites

Safe & Sound in Union County, Community Safety Expo on Saturday, August 28.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office along with the Union County Emergency Services Association are hosting the first annual Safe & Sound in Union County, Community Safety Expo on Saturday, August 28 from 8 am to 4 pm at Bunsold Middle School, 14198 State Route 4, in Marysville.

The Expo will feature safety seminars and presentations, demonstrations, as well as training sessions and resources for local youth, adults, seniors, churches, and members of the agricultural community. The purpose of this Expo is to “promote a safe environment in our community by connecting residents with local public safety service agencies and organizations.”

Some of the presentations you can attend include: Bicycle Safety, Church Safety and Security, Car Seat Check, Grain Bin Safety, Identity Theft, and many, many more.

McGruff, Sparky the Fire Dog, and Dr. Eldoonie’s Magic Show (Dr. Eldoonie worked his magic at our 10 year anniversary party last year) will keep the kids entertained.

For a complete list of presentations: Safe & Sound in Union County Presentations

For more information, contact Deputy Kim Zacharias at the Sheriff’s Office, 937-645-4100, ext. 4471

Happy First Day Back to School!

We just wanted to wish all the area students and teachers a happy first day of school today, August 24!

We remember what that first day was like–the smell of new shoes, a clean school building, and fresh sheets of paper.  Excitement over seeing friends you had not seen in several weeks and worries about the challenges of Algebra, Shakespeare, and hundreds of other facts that needed shoved in a brain a bit sluggish from summer vacation.

Enjoy each day as if it were the first!

Have a super first day and a wonderful 2010-2011 school year.

Clip art provided by http://www.school-clip-art.com/