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Fact or Fiction? Poison Ivy. By Anna Gehres, Our In-House Poison Ivy Powerhouse!

How much do you know about poison ivy? Take this quiz to find out:

T / F: Poison ivy rash can be spread from one person to another.

T / F: You can get poison ivy from simply being near a poison ivy plant.

T / F: You can not get poison ivy from a dead poison ivy plant.

T / F: Some people are immune to poison ivy.

All of the above are FALSE! Here are the facts:

The rash caused by poison ivy is the result of oil found on the plant called urushiol oil. Unless urushiol oil is still on the skin, a poison ivy rash can not be spread from one person to another. The skin must come into direct contact with the oil for a rash to develop. Urusiol oil can still be present on dead plants and in the smoke from burning poison ivy plants.

If you do run into some poison ivy this summer, wash well with soap and water as soon as possible. Remove and wash any clothing that might have come in contact with the poison ivy plant. Should a large rash or a rash on a sensitive area such as the face develop make sure to seek medical attention.

If the rash is small and mild, oatmeal baths or calamine lotion can soothe the itch. A topical cream such as hydrocortisone can be used for a short time to help decrease itching as well.

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