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Archive for August, 2010

Eldchrist Winery Releases Covered Bridge Wine at Old Town Inn, August 24.

Eldchrist Winery will release their new Covered Bridge Wine at a Kickoff dinner at Old Town Inn in Marysville on Tuesday, August 24, between 5:30-8 pm. The wine is being released in preparation for the upcoming Union County Covered Bridge Festival on Saturday, September 11.

Old Town Inn is located at 113 West 5th Street in Marysville. For reservations, call 937-644-0315.

Eldchrist Winery is located at 8189 State Route 736 in Plain City.

Second Annual Industrial Parkway Association (IPA) Trade Show on Thursday, August 26.

The Industrial Parkway Association, which includes approximately 180 businesses along Industrial Parkway, stretching from Post Road (161) through New California, will be hosting their Second Annual Trade Show on Thursday, August 26, from 4-7 pm (vendors may begin setting up at 3 pm). The event will be held at Executive Storage Estates, located at 8555 Rausch Drive in Plain City, off of Industrial Parkway. One of the condos will be open and a large tent will be set up outside for vendors, sponsors, and the food and drinks.

The Trade Show is a networking event to show off your business and to meet new people with businesses in the area. Food and drinks at the event are free and many vendors will have “sample” items. The Industrial Parkway Association is inviting both businesses and individuals from Marysville, Dublin, Plain City, and all of Industrial Parkway to participate.

The event fee is $50. You must also bring your own table or rent a table for $7 from S & G Rentals.

To find out more, contact: Deb Schaner, dschaner@unioncounty.org, Gregg Flowers, gflowers@eaglelogistics.com, or Megan Toitch, mtoitch@ohioinsuranceservices.com

You can also call 937-642-6279 for more information.

To rent tables from S & G Rentals, call 614-504-5880 or email them at tentlady_sg@msn.com

The Second Annual Trade Show is being sponsored by Ohio Insurance Services, Eldchrist Winery, Amish Heritage Country Market, Heflin Caterers, S & G Rentals, Executive Storage Estates, Union Rural Electric, and Hochstetler Buildings.

The Industrial Parkway Association, which is associated with the Union County Chamber of Commerce, holds monthly meetings at 8 am, the second Thursday of each month.

Plain City Fitness’ Open House, Monday, August 23, 5 pm-9 pm.

Join Plain City Fitness on Monday, August 23 from 5-9 pm for their Open House. There will be food, drinks, and free initiation fees (a $50 value). After the Open House, the gym will be officially open.

Plain City Fitness is located at 240 West Main Street in Lovejoy Plaza (next to where the drugstore used to be).

Visit their Facebook page to see sneak peek photos of the new fitness facility: Plain City Fitness on Facebook

Visit their web site: Plain City Fitness

Fact or Fiction? Poison Ivy. By Anna Gehres, Our In-House Poison Ivy Powerhouse!

How much do you know about poison ivy? Take this quiz to find out:

T / F: Poison ivy rash can be spread from one person to another.

T / F: You can get poison ivy from simply being near a poison ivy plant.

T / F: You can not get poison ivy from a dead poison ivy plant.

T / F: Some people are immune to poison ivy.

All of the above are FALSE! Here are the facts:

The rash caused by poison ivy is the result of oil found on the plant called urushiol oil. Unless urushiol oil is still on the skin, a poison ivy rash can not be spread from one person to another. The skin must come into direct contact with the oil for a rash to develop. Urusiol oil can still be present on dead plants and in the smoke from burning poison ivy plants.

If you do run into some poison ivy this summer, wash well with soap and water as soon as possible. Remove and wash any clothing that might have come in contact with the poison ivy plant. Should a large rash or a rash on a sensitive area such as the face develop make sure to seek medical attention.

If the rash is small and mild, oatmeal baths or calamine lotion can soothe the itch. A topical cream such as hydrocortisone can be used for a short time to help decrease itching as well.

Unsure of the product best for you? Stop by or give us a call!

The Plain City Historical Society Needs Your Help to Raise Operating Funds!

The Plain City Historical Society needs your help as their operating funds are currently running very low. To help raise money, they are planning a few events, but they need your participation.

On September 11, The Union County Covered Bridge Festival and the Shekinah Festival and Auction will take place in and around Plain City. To take advantage of the people who will be coming through town, the Plain City Historical Society will be hosting a Perennial Plant Sale on the sidewalk outside the Historical Society (111 West Main Street). Historical Society President, Karen Kile Vance, is asking for perennial plant donations for the sale. She suggests that as you split your perennials with Fall approaching, you donate some of the divided plants and flowers for the sale. And, if you don’t know how to divide up your plants, Karen will even send out a “non-professional plant splitter” to help you.

Besides donating plants for the sale, the Plain City Historical Society also needs Plain City residents to buy the plants. The Historical Society will be open from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, September 11 to allow you to make your purchases and visit their lovely facility.

There are other ways you can help the Plain City Historical Society, as well. Make sure to attend their monthly meetings, which always fall on the fourth Tuesday of the month and start at 7 pm. The August meeting will be on August 24 at 7 pm and will feature Jack Alston, who is involved with the restoration/renovation projects taking place in downtown/historic Plain City. When you attend the meeting, you can pay your yearly dues (for new or renewing members), as well as make a donation to the “One Dollar Club.” Members participating in this exclusive club, play one dollar per week ($52 per year) to keep the Historical Society “bucking” along.

If you’d just like to make a kind donation to allow the Historical Society to keep history alive and relevant in Plain City, mail a donation to them at P. O. Box 82, Plain City, Ohio 43064.

You can also drop off a donation to them during their hours of operation:

Tuesday, 10 am to Noon

Thursday, Noon to 3 pm

Saturday, 10 am to Noon

The volunteers will be very glad to see you, but even happier if you take them a nice donation.

Click here to download the entire August newsletter from The Plain City Historical Society and read about upcoming events, local history, and lots of fun historical facts: