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“From the Harvest to the Table” Program Presented by The Friends of the Plain City Public Library, Saturday, September 11.

I had an email from Chris Long at the library and this program has been cancelled due to lack of reservations. Joe and I have to be out of town this day or we would have attended. I think this sounds like such an excellent event that I am so sorry more people did not email or call for a reservation. Perhaps if everyone inundated Chris with interest in this, the library might be persuaded to put this back on the schedule. Want to give it a try? Then email Chris at clong@plaincitylib.org or call her at 614-873-4912, ext. 23.

The Plain City Public Library will be hosting a program, “From the Harvest to the Table,” on Saturday, September 11 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm to celebrate locally grown foods. A Plain City area culinary arts student, Nathan Endres, will prepare a sampling of appetizers and desserts, all made with fresh, locally grown ingredients. Some of the ingredients will even come from the library’s own garden! Those that do not come from the library garden will be recognized in a booklet the library is preparing that will list local growers and ingredients.

If the weather cooperates, the event will take place in the library’s garden with the sounds of woodwinds and string instruments vibrating in the evening air thanks to the musical talents of Classical Sounds. As you listen to relaxing classical music and nibble on Plain City fruits and vegetables, combined in creative culinary concoctions, you can also stroll through the Library Garden Project.

The Library Garden Project was funded by a grant from the State Library of Ohio. While you are being entertained, you can also learn about the vegetables, native plants, and the smart irrigation system that helps the plants in the garden flourish. Additionally, you can meet Hope, the horse topiary, and her other animal topiary friends (among my favorites are the pigs and the rooster).

A donation of $10 per person for this evening is appreciated to allow the Plain City Public Library to raise funds for other exciting programs (we have the best library around!).

Reservations are required as space is limited. You can contact Chris Long at 614-873-4912, ext. 23 or via email at clong@plaincitylib.org for more info or to reserve you spot at this tempting event.

To read more about this program or print out a flyer to post (I encourage you to post this and send it along to others), click on the link below:

harvest to table full page

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