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Archive for September, 2010

Joe Recently Attended His Class Reunion for Mechanicsburg High School!

Joe recently attended the 20 year class reunion for his high school graduating class. Joe graduated from Mechanicsburg High School in 1990. It is really hard to believe that so much time has passed, but he has also been out of pharmacy school for 15 years (he graduated from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy in 1995). I have to say, even though I am a bit biased, that Joe does not look like he has been out of school that many years!

Joe, of course, is on the end in the red shirt (red is his favorite color and he would wear it every day if he could–don’t even ask about the time he wore red swim trunks and a red t-shirt when we were in Ireland! Red on red? We had some snooty, polo-playing upper crusts looking down their noses at Joe when he came to breakfast looking like that. Only an American would have the gall!).

Joe had a good time seeing his old class mates again. The Spanish exchange student, Javier, who was with the group their senior year, even came for the reunion–all the way from Madrid!

Joe and I have often talked about it, and, while growing old is not always pleasant, we don’t think we would ever want to be 18 again or going through all the struggles of college and starting the pharmacy. Our lives are super now and we are truly blessed.

It is always nice to look backwards, but we love where we are now so much that we have our sights focused on today and the many joys of the future.

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Become our fan on Facebook (just click that you “Like” us when you are on the PCDruggist page) while you are there and see other photos from the drugstore.

Pertussis or Whooping Cough. By Jimmy Byun, Our Vaccine Expert!

What is Pertussis?

Pertussis is a serious infection that spreads easily from person to person. Early symptoms of pertussis are similar to the common cold; they may include runny nose, sneezing, and a low-grade fever. Coughing then becomes worse.  Sometimes a “whoop” sound happens while gasping for air at the end of a coughing spell. This occurs more often with children than adults. The “whoop” sound gives pertussis it’s more common name: whooping cough. The severe coughing can last for weeks, even months, and can lead to weight loss, incontinence, rib fractures, and passing out.


Pertussis is most contagious before the coughing starts. The best way to prevent pertussis is by getting vaccinated. Adults and adolescents can give pertussis to infants who have not yet had all of their vaccines, even before a cough develops. This is the reason why parents, grandparents, and older siblings are often the ones who spread pertussis to infants.


Children younger than 7-years-old need to get a vaccine called DTaP to protect against pertussis. The vaccine covers pertussis, as well as tetanus and diphtheria.  Immunity, created from being vaccinated, can fade over time, and periodic “booster” doses are needed by adolescents and adults to keep their immunity strong. The booster vaccine varies depending on the person’s age and other conditions such as their vaccination history and pregnancy. Check with your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Support 1-174th Air Defense Artillery Battery As They Leave Marysville on September 20.

Bernie Vance always keeps us abreast of the many ways we can support our troops. Bernie recently sent this message asking people to show the 1-174th how much they will be missed as they head for a year long assignment in Iraq on Monday, September 20.

Here is Bernie’s message:

“On September 20, 2010, at 6:30 AM, 56 soldiers from the 1-174th Air Defense Artillery Battery from Marysville will be leaving the National Guard Armory on their way to Iraq.

“The Union County Military Family Support Group, along with the veteran’s groups from both Marysville and Plain City and surrounding areas, want to give these soldiers a send off like we did for the 585th Military Police Unit.

“Please join us as these young men and women begin their journey on a year long assignment in a far away and hostile land.

“You can show your support by being present along the bus route to Port Columbus on the morning of the September 20th. The caravan will leave the Armory at 6:30 AM and proceed down Coleman Crossing to Industrial Parkway, turn left on Industrial Parkway and pause in front of the VFW for a 21 gun salute, then proceed southbound to Scottslawn Road where they will turn left and go over to State Route 33 and go toward Columbus. Small hand held flags will be available from members of the Veterans organizations in attendance. Parking is available at any of the businesses along the bus route. It is requested that you DO NOT go to the Armory itself.

“Thank you. BV”

Flag clip art provided from: Free Vintage Clip Art

Happy Birthday to Uncle Monnie Craft on September 16.

We wanted to take the time to wish our uncle and good friend, Monnie Craft, a happy birthday on September 16. You may have seen Monnie around town in the old white pharmacy van (the very first one we had with the fire and flame graphics down the side). The van is now outfitted for Uncle Monnie’s painting business and features a harried painter graphic on the side.

A few years ago, Uncle Monnie bought a “James Bond type” speed boat from Richard and Ann Murray. While it is vintage, it still can putt around the water with the newer models.  Richard misses his little boat (Monnie is planning to take him on a cruise); Ann is happy to have a vacant space in the yard with no observable watercraft wilting the grass.

Monnie recently took Joe out for a ride in his boat and, while they did run out of gas, it was an entertaining day.

We want to thank Uncle Monnie for all that he does for us–from running errands to picking up cat and dog food–we can count on him to help us out whenever we need him.

We wish Uncle Monnie a day of happiness at Brown Reservoir in his “special agent” boat.

What is the Flu and What Can I Do to Avoid It? By Jimmy Byun, Who Can Administer Your Flu Shot!

What is the Flu?

The flu is an infection caused by the flu virus. When you have the flu, you will have a fever (usually 100ºF to 103ºF in adults, and sometimes higher in children) and symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, headaches, muscle aches, fever, and extreme tiredness. These problems look similar to the ones for common colds, but the symptoms are more intense especially with muscle aches and fever. People with colds are more likely to have a runny or stuffy nose, which is rare with the flu.

How do I get the flu?

Flu viruses are spread by droplets produced when people with the flu cough, sneeze, or talk. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. A person might also get the flu by touching a surface or object that has flu virus on it. Then when you touch your mouth or scratch your nose, the virus can pass to you and make you sick with the flu.

What can I do to prevent getting the flu?

The most important thing you can do to prevent the flu is to wash your hands frequently. Washing your hands washes the virus away (and it eventually dies on its own), leaving your hands clean and free of flu viruses.

Another important thing to remember is to use your arm to cover your mouth when you cough instead of your hands. Avoid touching things that many people touch, and throughout the day avoid moving your hands to your mouth, eyes, or nose.

Getting a yearly flu shot can also help you avoid getting the flu. You can get the flu shot from us anytime. Feel free to ask us about it.