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Bob Brock’s Magic Shoes.

Bob Brock, who keeps our QuickBooks in order at the pharmacy, told Joe this story when Joe commented on how much he liked Bob’s shoes.

Bob was walking through the shoe department in Macy’s when a box of shoes fell off the shelf right in front of him. Bob stopped, of course, being a polite person, and started to put the shoes back on the shelf. When he looked at the shoes, however, he thought they were really nice. Upon further investigation, he discovered that they were exactly his size and the only pair left. Of course, he bought them.

If shoes in your size leaped off a shelf in front of you, practically screaming, “Buy me,” wouldn’t you slap down payment for them? You’d be just like Bob with his magic shoes.

Now we don’t know if these shoes endowed Bob with any magic abilities (hopefully, they were not like the magic dancing shoes, of fairy tales, that once slipped on, could not be taken off, and caused the wearer to dance endlessly), but we hope they made his accounting abilities “a step ahead” and allowed him to find so much money in our accounts that we will never be on a “shoestring budget!”

We also hope Bob’s story makes you smile today and allows you to put your best foot forward! (Okay, enough with the shoe and foot sayings).

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