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Matt Meets the Famous Jerry Marlowe, OSU Football Game Gate Crasher.

Many of you may not realize this, but some of the pharmacists we know have personalities bigger than those of many movie stars.

One of those “giant personality” pharmacists is Jerry Marlowe.

Jerry, in his “every day life,” is a pharmacist who owns Marlowe’s Compounding Center in Dover, Ohio. Jerry also has an alter ego, however, a flamboyant showman who does much more than compound suspensions and capsules–Jerry is a gate crasher.

That’s right, Jerry gate-crashes Ohio State/Michigan football games and he does it by dressing in outrageous costumes. He has snuck into the stadium dressed as a nun, a pizza delivery guy, a Boy Scout, and many other crazy characters. Not only that, but he has been doing this since the 70’s, only getting caught once in 2006 when he was disguised as an usher.

To see photos of Jerry in his gate crashing costumes and read more about his antics, go HERE.

Jerry also regularly shows up at pharmacy meetings wearing the most ostentatious hats. He even shook hands with Governor Strickland at an Ohio Pharmacist’s meeting wearing a stuffed parrot on his head. The Governor had a hard time starting his speech with Jerry in the front of the room. He couldn’t stop looking at Jerry and the parrot.

While Jerry often does over-the-top pranks, he is completely serious about his dedication to Ohio State and The College of Pharmacy, donating both his time and money to support the schools.

This past Thursday, Matt Byrdy, our pharmacy student, got to meet the famous Jerry Marlowe when he attended the OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Governing Board meeting with Joe (who is on the Board). Not only that, but he joined in Jerry’s antics, donning an OSU helmet and buckeye beads (or, at least I hope Jerry dressed Matt like that for the photo and Matt didn’t attend the meeting in that attire). However, Jerry was wearing a jack o’ lantern cap that I am sure he probably wore throughout the day, not just for Joe’s picture.

Pharmacy is a serious business. When you’ve got people’s lives and their health as top concerns, it may seem there is not much to smile about. Jerry Marlowe, and many of the other pharmacists we know, proves that a dose of humor helps in ways that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional medicine.

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