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The Delivery Van Makes Everyone Smile!

We’ve been telling you for a while about Joe’s idea to put himself on the side of the delivery van as “the running man” delivering prescriptions. Jay Gehres kindly took round after round of photos of Joe. In some of them, Joe was actually running and we got pictures of Joe “levitating” off the ground (you can read about that HERE in an older post). In other photos, Joe just pretended to run. In all of them, he was carrying one of our bags with medicine inside ready to be delivered.

As the van goes down the roads around Plain City, it will look as if Joe is running along. We’ve already heard quite a few reactions about the bigger than life size Joe on the side of the van. People think it’s funny and it makes everyone smile. That is one of our goals at Plain City Druggist–to make it a fun experience each time you come in and visit us. The van just adds to the experience outside our four walls.

To see more photos of the van, visit us on FACEBOOK. And while you are there, become our “fan” and “like” us. We are trying to reach 111 fans by Monday, November 1, which is our 11 year anniversary. We want to thank you, our loyal patients and customers, for allowing us to continue in this community for 11 super years!

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  • Hey – Just wanted to drop you a personal congratulatory note. I always nominate a Blog of the Week and this week I picked yours. Keep writing, and check out my site if you want a displayable award badge. Hope the visitor influx doesn’t hurt your site! – jake b

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