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Archive for December, 2010

Congratulations to Vivian Opelt, the Winner of the 2003 Mini Cooper!

As most of you who come in the pharmacy know, we’ve had a Mini Cooper car parked in front of the drugstore for several months now. A giant sign in the front window of the car proclaimed, “Win this Mini.”

And now someone has.

The winner of the Mini Cooper was Vivian Opelt, a Dublin resident, who is a huge supporter of Black and Orange Cat Foundation.

Joe and I did the drawing on Wednesday, December 29, with a bit of help from Betty Williamson, who drew the winning ticket. Joe videotaped the drawing and you can see it on the Black and Orange Cat Foundation Facebook fan page HERE.

Thank you also to Roger Weeks for allowing us to use his ticket drum for the raffle.

Black and Orange Cat Foundation sold a total of 174 tickets, just short of the 200 they had been trying to sell. The raffle raised nearly $9,000 to spay and neuter area cats. The money raised can neuter almost 350 male cats and spay nearly 220 female cats (or some combination of the two). Tickets were sold across Ohio and even to people in other states (we were not sure how we would get the car to Florida or out west, but we were going to try).

I want to thank everyone from the Plain City community and all our Plain City Druggist customers who entered the drawing and helped to support Black and Orange Cat Foundation. I also want to thank Ernie Sparks of Ernie’s Medicine Shoppe (formerly London Apothecary) for donating the car and helping us in our fundraising efforts.

Once the car leaves the Plain City Druggist parking lot, be on the look out for a cat behind the wheel. Vivian has assured us that she will only give the keys to her lucky felines in an emergency, but cats tend to be aggressive drivers, especially when they are texting, so watch out!

A Fleet of Drug Bugs Swarm The Streets of London.

We met with Ernie Sparks, owner of Ernie’s Medicine Shoppe (formerly London Apothecary) in London yesterday to take care of everything for the title for the Mini Cooper. Today, December 29, is the drawing date for the Mini Cooper raffle by Black and Orange Cat Foundation. A huge thanks again to Ernie for donating the Mini.

While we were in London, we got to see Ernie’s fleet of “drug bugs”–the convertible Volkswagen Bug cars that his employees drive to and from work and for deliveries. It was pretty cool to see them all lined up on the street in front of the pharmacy with license plates that said, “DRG BUG2” and so on.

So we wondered, should we have a whole fleet of Plain City Druggist Sprinter vans on the roads around Plain City featuring giant images of Joe on their sides? A fleet featuring “the sprinting man on the Sprinter van?”

It’s just a thought.

Be on the look out for the swarm of London Drug Bugs the next time you venture forth from Plain City.

Union County Humane Society Wants to Expand Their Facilities.

There was a very nice article in The Columbus Dispatch yesterday that outlined the plan by the Union County Humane Society in Marysville to expand their facilities. Currently, the shelter is about 3,000 square feet. If they are able to raise the $400,000 they are asking for in the “Help Us Grow (or H.U.G.)” campaign, the shelter will double in size and increase their dog kennels from 27 to 43. The money will also allow for office space and a bigger surgery area.

The shelter currently spays and neuters all dogs and cats before they are adopted, helping to cut down on the number of unwanted puppies and kittens that are  born in Union County. They also work with Black and Orange Cat Foundation and the public with weekly clinics for stray and feral cats. They place 85-90% of the animals that come through their doors–very good statistics. We are very lucky to have such a super humane society in Union County.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to add a pet to their family to visit the humane society first.

I would also encourage everyone who loves animals to make a donation to the H.U.G. Campaign. If the shelter expands, they will be able to help more animals throughout Union County and Plain City. You can mail a donation to: Union County Humane Society, 16540 County Home Road, Marysville, Ohio 43040. You can also donate easily online at the link below.

To read the complete Dispatch article, go HERE.

To read more about the expansion campaign and also donate directly to help Union County raise the money they need to grow larger, visit the Union County Humane Society’s newly updated and really classy web site HERE.

Happy 100th (Yes, 100th) Birthday on December 27 to Hazel Houchard Barker.

I still remember attending Hazel Houchard Barker’s 90th Birthday party at the Bickham Center on December 27, 2000. Hazel, who at age 90 still drove and took her younger friends who could no longer drive to doctor’s appointments, did not look 90. She didn’t act 90, either. She was more active than many 60 or 70 year olds (and even some 20 year olds, I know).

Not only did she take herself wherever she needed to go, she also really enjoyed her life. Hazel always seemed to be living every day to its fullest. She bowled on a league with my mom, Roberta Timmons, Beverly Cooper, and Georgie Venrick. The bowling team was sponsored by the drugstore and they had shirts with their names on them. They were “Joe’s Pills.”

Beyond her bowling and service activities, Hazel was also generous with her time in other areas. I remember attending a Plain City Historical Society meeting where Hazel talked about her life. She played on a basketball team for Plain City as a teenager. A team member from the Chuckery basketball team, Erna Cosgray, was at the meeting and she said, “Those girls from Plain City were mean.” To which Hazel quipped, “We wanted to win.”

Always a winner. That is Hazel.

Seeing her at her 90th birthday party, I hoped to be just like her when I reached 90 years young.

Now Hazel is celebrating her 100th birthday on Monday, December 27, and again, I hope I will be just like her at 100–still loving life and remembering the past fondly.

Happy 100th Birthday, Hazel.  May every day be happy and filled with hundreds of lovely memories.

If you would like to send Hazel a birthday card, please mail it to: 420 Gay Street, Plain City, Ohio 43064. She wouldn’t mind a visitor or two, either!

Happy Holidays From Everyone at Plain City Druggist!

We hope all of our friends, neighbors, and customers will have a wonderful holiday with many, many blessings in 2011.

The drugstore will be closing at lunchtime, 1:15 pm, on Friday, December 24, so our staff can have an enjoyable Christmas Eve with their families. We will be closed on Christmas and will re-open normal hours on Monday, December 27.

If you have any emergencies over the long weekend, please do not hesitate to call Joe’s pager at 614-240-8421. We will be in town for Christmas, so it is no problem to stop by the pharmacy to help anyone who may have run out of medicine or forgotten a refill.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you to Back Porch Graphics for all the cool vintage artwork: http://backporchgraphics.blogspot.com/