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Happy Birthday, Ory Roberts! It’s the BIG 21 on January 29.

It seems hard to imagine that Ory Lee Roberts is going to be 21 this year. We have known him since the days when he hid his Beanie Babies in the closet and we weren’t allowed to see where they were, because they were part of his “college fund.” Yes, I’m sure you all remember the days when Beanie Babies were huge and expensive collector’s items and probably could have paid for a few classes.

We also used to spend a lot of time playing croquet with Ory in the summers or “Zoo Baseball” (in Zoo Baseball, you had to run around the bases as if you were a particular zoo animal–gorillas were always a favorite animal to imitate).

Ory was the ring bearer at my and Joe’s wedding. He took his job very, very seriously, carefully leading my cousin, who had a broken arm, down the aisle. Always, the little gentleman!

Ory is now turning 21 and will finish college next year. It is so hard to believe that the little boy with the fuzzy, curly Q-tip head of hair (hair any girl would die to have and luckily, his sister, Paisley got) is now all grown up! (You will notice that in most of these photos when he was younger, Ory kept the curly hair shaved off).

Sorry, Ory, if this embarrasses you. But to be fair, we didn’t mention how you taught us all how to wiggle our butts to the Macarena or that you liked to dance around singing, “Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight. Get down tonight!” No, we’ll skip that.

Happy Birthday, Ory. It’s the BIG 21. Enjoy!

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