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Archive for January, 2011

Best Wishes to Several Special People!

I wanted to take the time to tell several very special people that we are thinking about them and wish them much joy in the coming year.

The first person deserving of many blessings is Mary Mitchell. Mary had an operation at the beginning of January and is now recuperating at The Convalarium in Dublin.  Mary would really enjoy a note or a visit. You can send her a cheery card at this address: Mary Andrews Mitchell, The Convalarium in Dublin, Room 125, 6430 Post Road, Dublin, Ohio 43016

The next person, we are sending a bouquet of love and happiness, is Veronica (aka Miriam) Taylor, who recently celebrated her birthday on January 13. Veronica is a dear friend who is always sporting a smile and a bit of “Cubano” flare and style. So if you see Veronica, please tell her “Feliz Cumpleanos” or “Happy Belated Birthday” if your Spanish isn’t up to par.

Finally, we’d like to wish our brother and brother-in-law, Aaron, a happy birthday on January 19. We won’t embarrass Aaron by telling his age or expressing any “mushy” sentiments, because he does have an advantage over Joe and me–he will always be younger than us! So happy birthday, Aaron, from the old codgers who used to pick you up from wrestling practice, who took you to play miniature golf (even though we were “boring”), and who remember things the very same way you do (your version of events is correct!).

To all these special people: Have a wonderful day!

Looking for Deals in Plain City? Visit iShopCentralOhio.com!

We recently learned about a very cool site that we will soon be advertising on. The site, called iShopCentralOhio.com, already features several Plain City businesses, including Lovejoy’s Market, ASE Feed and Supply, Yutzy’s Farm Market, Dutch Kitchen, Plain City Lanes and Pizza, and The Cheese House. If you search for Plain City, you can pull up each of these businesses and find coupons that they are currently featuring. 

For example, if you click HERE, you can print out a coupon for The Dutch Kitchen and $5 off the purchase of 2 Buffets.

Or go HERE and get $5 off your next purchase of $30 or more at ASE Feed and Supply.

You can search for businesses by categories. You can also search for Daily Coupons and sign up to receive exclusive deals by email. The site features savings for businesses all around Central Ohio. So try it out. We’ll let you know as soon as we are featured on the site and have our own discounts for our customers.

Congratulations to Lauren Prochaska for Making 70 Consecutive Free Throws!

We just wanted to congratulate Lauren Prochaska on her incredible record of 70 straight free throws, an NCAA women’s record.

As someone who played a limited amount of basketball in Junior High and High School, I know just how tense things can get at the free throw line. But I cannot imagine trying to make those shots, like Lauren did, while on a shooting spree that was breaking every record on the books!

So congrats, Lauren, for keeping your poise and grace while under the eyes of the entire sports world. We are very proud you. And we know you’ll soon be setting another record that surpasses your current 70 in a row!

To read more about Lauren’s incredible free throw record, go HERE.

And to see a video of Lauren shooting a free throw and explaining her technique, go HERE.

Photo of Lauren by Nathan Elekonich of The BG News.

Vote Daily for Black and Orange Cat Foundation in The Animal Rescue Site’s $300,000 Shelter Challenge for 2011.

Vote for Black and Orange Cat Foundation in The Animal Rescue Site’s $300,000 Shelter Challenge of 2011. In conjunction with Petfinder.com, The Animal Rescue Site will be giving away grants totaling $300,000 to the animal shelters and rescues that garner the most votes. You have 10 weeks to vote and you must vote each day to help Black and Orange get the most votes. Among the 69 monetary prizes that are being given away are ten $1,000 weekly winners.

All you have to do is go to The Animal Rescue Site HERE.

Click on the Purple Button that says, “Click Here, it’s FREE.” This will give free food to participating shelters and rescues. Once you have clicked, you will be taken to a second page. At the top of that page is a “Vote Now” box. Click on that and you will go to a page where you can vote for Black and Orange Cat Foundation.

To vote, put in Black and Orange Cat Foundation under the name of the rescue. You may also need to put in the city and state: Plain City, Ohio. After you have voted once, you will automatically have Black and Orange Cat Foundation come up as the group you are voting for the next time you return to vote.

Besides voting for Black and Orange each day after you click, you can also enter a story about a rescued animal in the “New Beginnings Story Contest.” By entering your story and mentioning Black and Orange Cat Foundation in the entry, you will give the group a chance to win a grand prize of $3,000 or four runners-up prizes of $1,000. On February 28 and 29, the judges at The Animal Rescue Site will pick five story finalists. Then between March 2 and 20, everyone gets to vote on their favorite stories–once every day.

To find out more and to enter your story, go HERE.

Thank you for doing all that you can to help Black and Orange Cat Foundation!

Cheer For Plain City in the Readers’ Digest Contest.

Readers’ Digest is currently conducting a contest called “We Hear You America,” where you can “cheer” for your town for a chance to win a share of $5 million in funds and promotional support. Plus, you could also win a family roadtrip (and who doesn’t love to be trapped in a car with their family?). To cheer for Plain City, go HERE.

You can cheer up to 10 times a day for Plain City. Once you have submitted your information the first time, you can log back in to the site with just your email address. Once you are logged in, just keep hitting the “Cheer” button until you reach your 10 cheers. When you reach the 10 cheer limit, a message will tell you that you are at 10 cheers (in case you lose track during the day).

Once you have cheered for Plain City, you will be directed to a page where you can tell what your town needs. Some of the items people have listed include a new pool, better walking and biking pathes, and a grandstand to replace the one that was torn down.

You can also write a comment about “What Makes Your Town the Best of America?” Your stories about your “hometown heroes, bright ideas or special places” could then be featured in Readers’ Digest. So go on. Tell everyone your favorite things about Plain City. Don’t hold back.

Pass this along to your friends. Plain City is currently in 77th place. Not too shabby for a little, but mighty town! But we need to be NUMBER 1! So cheer your loudest!