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Update on the St. John’s Girls in Indiana.

Margie has been texting me from Indiana to let me know how Michaela and her team mates are doing in the National Lutheran School Basketball Tournament. On Friday, the girls won their first game against St. Paul, Kingsville, Maryland 40-25. They went on to win their second game 33-30 in what Margie called “a heart stopper!”

On Saturday, the girls, however, lost in a very narrow point spread, 25-22. They will be playing again today and if they win, will then play for fifth place. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think fifth place is pretty respectable considering that they were playing the top teams across the country and there were thirty-one teams playing in this tournament. Congratulations, girls. You did really good! We are proud of you!

I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as I hear from Margie on the outcome of the final match-ups.

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