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This Easter, Pick a Chocolate Bunny Instead of a Living One.

A few years ago someone dumped a tame rabbit in my parents’ yard. Although Dad tried to catch it, the little guy was scared and refused to be nabbed. So we had to pull out the humane trap and catch him the way we do feral cats.

Jackson Jefferson (J.J, for short) was very sick when we caught him. He had an inner ear infection that caused him to hop in circles and he was not neutered. After months of medical care and a neuter surgery, J. J. was ready for his own family. Don’t ever let someone tell you that rabbits are easy to care for. I spent more time with J. J. than most of the cats I had nursed to health. I also spent a great deal on his vet bills (not to mention all the “green” that went for organic dandelion greens at Whole Foods–yes, I spoiled this rabbit).

J. J. did find a wonderful home where he rules the roost and leads two big dogs around to do his bidding. But he is one of the lucky ones.

At this time of year, unfortunately, many people think it would be cute to buy children a live “Easter bunny” or a baby chick or duckling (sadly, a family member bought me a baby duckling when I was a child and our dog killed it on Easter–talk about being scarred for life). While these animals are cute in their baby stage, they do grow up and they do require care.

After the Easter holiday, many rabbits end up in shelters, “set free” outside (a definitive death sentence for a tame rabbit), or even dead following accidents with small children who may not know how to hold them or other pets that may act on instinct and attack the defenseless creatures.

The Columbus House Rabbit Society started a campaign a few years ago that has gained national attention. Called “Make Mine Chocolate,” the program asks people to forego live rabbits in favor of chocolate ones. You can read some of their “Easter Bunny Stories” HERE to discover why they are pushing so hard for the chocolate alternative.

Make Mine Chocolate has recently partnered with Rescue Chocolate, a candy company that produces 100% Vegan products, insuring that no animals are harmed in making their delicious treats. In addition, 100% of net profits are donated to rescue groups nationwide.

Check out their vegan bunnies for the Make Mine Chocolate campaign HERE.

Rabbits, baby chicks, and ducks deserve responsible, caring homes. They are not novelties for a child’s Easter basket. Stuffed or candy animals are the best alternatives, so please think before buying a living, breathing, feeling being this Easter holiday.

If you do make the decision to bring a rabbit in to your life, please do it responsibly by adopting (not buying from a pet store or obtaining from the FREE animal sections in newspapers or on Craig’s List) from a shelter or rescue. The Columbus House Rabbit Society offers a wonderful web page that lets people decide if a rabbit is truly the right companion animal for them. You can visit that page HERE.

Please download the flyer below by clicking on the link. Print it out and hang it up to let those who see it know that you choose chocolate rabbits (and marshmallow peeps) over the living, breathing animals.


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