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Archive for June, 2011

Congratulations to Doctors Kelly Hawk, Matt Byrdy, Anna Gehres, and Jimmy Byun!

On Saturday, June 11, Joe and I attended the Doctoral Convocation Hooding and Awards Ceremony for The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy in Mershon Auditorium. We had four students who were graduating and receiving their pharmacy degrees, including our own Kelly, who has worked at Plain City Druggist since 2005.

Besides Kelly, we also had three students, Anna Gehres, Matt Byrdy, and Jimmy Byun, do rotations in the store this past year and they also received their PharmD degrees.

Matt and Kelly had asked Joe to place their hoods on them, officially making them Doctors of Pharmacy. This is a very big honor and Joe was a bit nervous about performing the task–especially for Matt, who is much taller than Joe. Even standing on a wooden box, Joe had a hard time getting Matt’s hood over his head and the whole audience was laughing by the time they were done. Kelly’s was a bit easier to do, since Joe didn’t have to reach so high!

Anna Gehres received the Stephen W. Birdwell Student Award, which is given to a student by the student class for their participation, interaction with class mates, professionalism, and general outgoing nature–Andy Hall, our former student, received the award last year. This award is given in honor of a former professor in the College of Pharmacy who died several years ago. Dr. Birdwell was well loved and very respected by the students and faculty in the pharmacy department. This award honors his spirit in a current graduating student–someone whose peers select them as also being well loved and respected, who will make a wonderful pharmacist, not only because of their brain power, but because of their ability to care and have compassion. That was Andy and that is definitely Anna.

Anna also received the Anne L. Burns Award (Anne Burns was the compounding instructor while Joe and I were in school and we learned all we know about compounding from her–she was a super teacher) and the College of Pharmacy Professionalism Award. Anna will be doing a year long residency at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Matt also will be in a residency for the next year at Mount Carmel West in Columbus, while Kelly is off to St. Louis to work for Walgreen’s as a floater pharmacist (meaning she will go to whichever store she is needed in).

Jimmy, as class president, had to give the “Response from the Class of 2011.” Not surprisingly, he did a nice job with his speech, even though he was very nervous and stalled so long at the beginning, we thought he was not going to do it.

An even greater surprise was the arrival at the very end of the ceremony by Dr. Gordon Gee. He came in flanked by security and since Joe and I were standing in the back of the room, we immediately saw his arrival. He sat down in a back row of seats out of the way and then greeted each of the pharmacy students as they left. Joe wanted to get a photo, but we weren’t allowed over by him. Joe did get a faraway photo of Anna and Dr. Gee. You can see that on our Facebook page.

Finally, we had a really nice dinner with Kelly, her parents, her brother, sister-in-law, and niece. We are really going to miss Kelly. She had a rough final year of pharmacy school, but we know the future is only going to bring her lots of happiness and opportunities.

Good luck and congratulations to Kelly, Anna, Matt, and Jimmy. We are very proud to have played a small part in your education and your journey to become Doctors of Pharmacy.

To see all the photos from the hooding ceremony, visit our Facebook page HERE.

Congratulations to Kelly Hawk Who is Graduating from Pharmacy School on June 11!

Our pharmacy student, Kelly Hawk, will be graduating from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy this Saturday, June 11, in a special hooding ceremony. While Joe and I both received a five year, Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy, Kelly’s program involved getting an undergraduate Bachelor degree and then going on to get another four year pharmacy professional degree. Kelly will graduate with a PharmD, which is the equivalent of a PhD. After Saturday, you can call her Dr. Kelly Hawk.

We are so proud of Kelly.

Kelly came to work for us in May 2005. She had graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and couldn’t find a job. So she decided to find out more about pharmacy, take pre-requisite classes for pharmacy school, and then go on to become a pharmacist.

When Kelly first started at the drugstore, she was our clerk and delivery driver. She rang the register, got lost trying to deliver medications, and did just about anything she had to do to learn what pharmacy was all about. From clerk and delivery driver, she progressed to pharmacy technician and took the exam to be a licensed tech. Licensing for technicians wasn’t required at that time (it now is), but Kelly went above and beyond to show she was dedicated to the profession. All the time she was working, Kelly was also taking chemistry courses and other classes she needed before applying to pharmacy school.

In 2007, Kelly’s hard work paid off and she was admitted to The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy. For the past four years, Kelly has been going to school full time and working for us on Saturdays and during her breaks. All that “blood, sweat, and tears” is finally coming to an end and she will be a graduate this weekend and will take her pharmacy licensing exam in the coming weeks to make her a registered pharmacist (RPh).

Please stop in the pharmacy this week (Kelly will be here Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and tell Kelly congratulations.

Besides Kelly, three of our other pharmacy students will also be graduating on Saturday: Matt Byrdy, Anna Gehres, and Jimmy Byun. You have met all of them during their rotations through the drugstore. We wish them all much luck as they go forward as pharmacists.

Matt and Kelly are also honoring Joe by having him place their hoods on them in the hooding ceremony on Saturday. This is a very distinguished honor to ask Joe to lead them forward into the profession of pharmacy. Joe has been a mentor to Kelly and Matt (as well as our other students) and he is so excited to be doing this for them (although he may need a step stool to place Matt’s hood on him, since he towers over Joe). Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of photos from this celebration on Saturday!

We also want to congratulate all of the area graduates, including our own Michaela Henderson, who is leaving St. John’s Lutheran School behind as she graduates from the eighth grade. Since St. John’s only has a program for students from kindergarten to eighth grade, Michaela will be attending Fairbanks next year as she begins high school. Michaela was selected as the salutatorian of her class and made a speech this past week. We know that this is only the beginning of lots of great things academically and on the basketball court for this beautiful, young lady. Perhaps, there is another pharmacy student tagging along on Kelly’s heels?

“Forks Over Knives” Movie Offers Healthy Ways to Live.

Forks Over Knives is a movie that claims it “could save your life.” And, indeed, the movie offers information about diet and healthy eating habits that could keep many people off the surgery table and away from a surgeon’s scalpel.

While Joe and I earn our living from the fact that people are ill and require medications, we would love it if our friends and family did not have to take so many pills and never had to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, or many other conditions that are now being linked to our fast food, highly processed diets.

Joe and I plan to see Forks Over Knives this weekend. I’ll give you a review and tell you a bit more about the findings in the film after we watch it. But don’t wait for us–go to the movie yourself and do something good for your health (but stay away from the tub of buttered popcorn and giant cup of sugary cola while you are there)!

Another great place to get information on diet and health locally is The Wellness Forum. Dr. Pam Popper of The Wellness Forum in Columbus is also featured in the movie.

The movie will debut in Columbus this Friday, June 3, at the AMC Lennox Town Center 24 Theater located at 777 Kinnear Road.

To read more about this important film and view the trailer, please visit the Forks Over Knives web site HERE.

Congratulations to the Jonathan Alder Baseball Team for Making the Final Four!

We want to tell the Jonathan Alder boys’ baseball team congratulations for making it to the Final Four in the Division II state semifinals. The boys will play against DeSales on Friday, June 3, at 10 am in Huntington Park.

Super Job! Take it all the way!

For more information, read the Dispatch article HERE.

Local Farmers’ Markets Seeking Vendors and Buyers!

The 2011 Plain City Farmers Market will get started on Thursday, June 23 and will continue every Thursday from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm through October 6. The Farmers Market will be located at the corner of South Chillicothe Street and Main Street next to the clock tower in Plain City. The Farmers Market will feature fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, baked and canned goods, orders for poultry and eggs, plants and cut flowers, pet treats, sandwiches, desserts, herbs, crafts, music, and much more.

Vendors are still wanted for the Farmers Market, which is being sponsored by UPCO (Uptown Plain City Organization), the Village of Plain City, and the Plain City Public Library. If you would like to participate as a vendor, please contact Chris Long at the Library at 614-873-4912, ext. 23 or by email at clong@plaincitylib.org

To find out more and to print out a flyer, go HERE. You can also click on the flyer to the left to enlarge it and print it.

Additionally, the 2011 Mechanicsburg Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market in Mechanicsburg will get underway this year beginning on Tuesday, June 7 from 4:30 pm to 7 pm and continuing every Tuesday through October. The Mechanicsburg Market is held at the Heritage Cooperative located at 140 South Main Street in Mechanicsburg. They are also currently seeking vendors. If you have locally grown produce, baked goods, or handmade products, the Mechanicsburg Market would love to have you involved.

For more information on the Mechanicsburg Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market, contact Carla Miller, Market Manager, at (937) 828-1325 or by email at mfam@mail.com

To find out more, go HERE. You can also join the group on Facebook HERE and keep up with everything new that is going on.