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Some People Will Do Anything To Get Their “Happy Pills.”

Some people will go to any lengths to leave the pharmacy with their “Happy Pills.” Take for example, Cliff Troyer, who actually came in pretending to have his arm in a cast and sling just so he could slip the Happy Pills in where he thought no one look.

Luckily, our vigilant pharmacy student, Jon, caught on quickly to Cliff’s little scheme. But Jon was a little too late. We think the Happy Pills were already working their magic on Cliff. Look at that huge smile on his face!

The Happy Pills work on everyone. Even Carmen. They’ve brought a huge smile to her face, too. 

Now, just so you’re not confused, the Happy Pills we are promoting are not any kind of hard drugs. They are these adorable stuffed pills that laugh–Happy Pills indeed. Watch the video below and then come in and get your own–just no thievery like Cliff. 

Watch the video of the Happy Pills at work HERE

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