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The Race to be Mayor of Plain City. Sandra Adkins and Doug Saxour Are the Candidates on November 8.

On November 8, voters in Plain City will be choosing a mayor for our growing village. In the running are current Mayor Sandra Adkins, who has served for 8 years in her position as Mayor and 2 years on Village Council, and Doug Saxour, who has served for 3 years on Village Council.

You can meet both mayoral candidates at The Madison County Meet the Candidates Night on Wednesday, October 26 from 6-9 pm at the London High School Auditorium, 336 Elm Street, in London, Ohio. To find out more, go HERE.

You can find out more about current Mayor Sandra Adkins by visiting her Facebook page, Sandra Adkins for Mayor, HERE.

There is also information about her on The Columbus Dispatch’s Voters Guide, which can be accessed HERE.

You can find out about Doug Saxour on his web site www.saxour4mayor.com or by visiting his Facebook page HERE.

One thing Joe and I were interested to see on Doug’s Facebook page was his question, “What type of business or amenity would you like to see move into Plain City?” Four people said that they wanted to see a CVS at the corner of 161 and 42. When we looked at who had voted for that, we only knew one of the people listed (the others were all from out of town). Sadly, though, there are still many people here in town who don’t know Plain City Druggist exists just down the road from the corner of 161 and 42! Joe made me add the category, “Keep and Support Current Local Businesses” (so if you go on to vote for your favorites, please vote for that, too).

And make sure you VOTE on November 8!

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One Response to “The Race to be Mayor of Plain City. Sandra Adkins and Doug Saxour Are the Candidates on November 8.”

  • T.J. Gerckens:

    Thanks for this info, Joe! Other than seeing the signs, it’s hard to know what the candidates are about. This kind of information is helpful for those of us wanting to make an informed decision when we vote.

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