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Bear With Us Over the Next Few Days and Weeks–Our New Computer System Will Make Things Bumpy For a Bit!

We are just learning this new system, so please be gentle with us.

On March 20, we will be going live with a new computer system that we hope will eventually make our lives and the lives of our customers much, much easier. But until we have learned the ins and outs, things might be a little bumpy in the pharmacy. Please just bear with us and be patient. We promise we’ll try to be geniuses and figure this stuff out as quickly as we can.

Along with the new computer system, we are also getting a new web site and a new IVR system. We will no longer have the pcdruggist.com web site through Corner Drugstore. Rather, our new web site will be www.druggist4u.com. You’ll be able to fill your prescriptions online, get coupons, and find out about the drugstore and our staff by visiting our new and improved site. But don’t forget, the Blog is still available, too–that has not changed. There’s even a link to the Blog at the top of the new web site! Pretty cool.

Many of you have already used the IVR system in the past to automatically refill your prescriptions. This is an upgrade from our previous system and is designed to improve efficiency within the pharmacy and enhance the level of care offered to you. You will be able to continue to order your refills without having to spend time waiting on the phone. In addition, the system informs you when your prescription will be ready for pickup or delivery, so you can time your errands accordingly. And, you can place your refill order any time of the day or night.

When you call the pharmacy, you will hear:

“Hello. Thank you for calling Plain City Druggist. Please choose from the following choices or simply hold for assistance.

If you are calling to refill a prescription and know your prescription number, press 1.

If you are calling from a doctor’s office, press 2.

To speak with a pharmacy staff member, press 3, or continue holding.

To hear our hours of operation and location, press 4.

To repeat these instructions, press 9.”

When you press Option 1, you simply enter in your prescription number by pushing the appropriate numbers on your telephone keypad. You also enter the local phone number where you can be reached if the pharmacist has a question. The system repeats back to you the digits you entered to make sure there wasn’t an error. That’s basically it. If you choose not to use the automated system, you simply stay on the line and your call will automatically be transferred to the pharmacy.

We know it takes time to get used to new things (believe us, we are all feeling the crunch!), so please give the new IVR system a try and let us know what you think. Once you are familiar with the options, and you know what you need to do when you place your call, you can press a digit key on your telephone as soon as the IVR system answers. This will make your call go even faster.

We will be awaiting your responses and suggestions. Please be patient in the next few days as we learn to be even better for YOU!

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