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Happy 65th Anniversary to Ann and Richard Murray on March 8th! And Happy Birthday to Andy Mayer, too!

We want to wish Ann and Richard Murray a very happy 65th anniversary on March 8! Ann, as most of you know, worked for the pharmacy until this past May. After she retired, it seemed like poor Richard had nothing but health problems. But, Ann was there to take care of him, so it was a good thing that she had retired.

Happily, they are both now healthy and are going to stay that way, enjoying the years up until their 70th anniversary! We want to wish Ann and Richard much happiness, as they continue to take care of each other (Ann was cleaning up Richard’s chin in the pictures, because he had cut himself shaving–we should all have someone who loves us that much to do the little “monkey grooming” tasks, as Joe calls them).

We also want to wish them many, many more happy days at the Lake. We love you! Enjoy your day!

We also want to wish a happy birthday on March 8 to Andy Mayer. Have a great day and enjoy many, many more joyful birthdays, Andy!

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