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Make Your Cat a Black and Orange Cat Foundation Calendar Pin Up!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to discover famous, furry faces for the 2013 Black and Orange Cat Foundation calendar!

This year Black and Orange is doing things a bit differently. It was a little overwhelming last year trying to keep track of the photos that were emailed to the group (almost 200!), so this year, they asked their web site guru, Vicki Watson, to set up an easy way to keep track of the photos and the stories that go along with them. Vicki arranged it so that the photos can be submitted online.

As a way to further fundraise for the kitties (an idea that Black and Orange got from Siamese Rescue and Grey2K USA), the group is asking for a $5 donation for each photo submitted.

Once again, all those with winning photos will receive a free 2013 calendar. The calendars will be $20 each (as they were last year) and they will be ready in time for holiday gift giving.

The deadline for photo submission is October 20.

Please send in your adorable cat’s photo and make him or her a Calendar Kitty! You can submit photos by going HERE.

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