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Happy Birthday on November 2 to our dad, Bob Timmons!

We want to wish our dad, Bob Timmons, a very happy birthday on Friday, November 2. We won’t tell you how old Dad is, but if you know cars, you can kind of date him from the car in the black and white photo (and, yes, that photo truly was black and white–it was not doctored to make it look old!). That is our mom, Roberta, and cousin, Gary, in the picture with dad. And the pretty blonde lady is Aunt Shirley, Dad’s sister. Just try guessing her age–you never will!

Have a great day, Dad. We hope you get exactly what you want for your birthday and not a bottle of anti-gas medicine (as seen in the photo to the left)–although, maybe you do want that! Ha, ha!

Enjoy your day. We love you.

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