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Archive for November, 2012

Pharmacy Immunization Offerings. By Our November Pharmacy Student, Matt Hammond.

With temperatures steadily dropping and winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to talk about getting immunized for this year’s flu season. We also want to take the time to let you know about all of the other vaccinations we offer here at Plain City Druggist.

Vaccinations provide the blueprint for a variety of infectious diseases and, therefore, allow the body to analyze and produce antibodies against that disease. This built-up immune response prevents the body from getting infected from future contact with that particular disease. Introduction and advancement of immunizations over the past 50+ years has led to an extreme reduction and, even (in some cases), eradication of rates of infection and death from various diseases.

At Plain City Druggist, we offer the following immunizations to keep you and your loved ones healthy:

Influenza (Flu) – The most common strains of the influenza virus frequently morph or change from year to year, and, thus, the influenza vaccine is unusual in that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that all persons receive one dose of influenza vaccine each year during flu season. Here at Plain City Druggist, we offer an intra-dermal (through the skin) vaccine with a 90% shorter needle versus the traditional vaccine. We also offer a high-dose formulation as an option for those 65 years of age and older. It’s important to note that, despite the popular myth, the inactivated influenza vaccine cannot cause influenza!

Pneumonia – Pneumonia causes the hospitalization of about 175,000 adults each year in the United States.  The CDC recommends that all children receive vaccination for pneumonia. However, for those who were never vaccinated when younger, the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine is indicated for patients aged 65 years or older, or those aged 19-64 who smoke cigarettes, have asthma, or have certain other chronic illnesses (diabetes and congestive heart failure, among others).

Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis – The CDC recommends a vaccination schedule against these bacteria starting early in childhood.  Since pertussis is not well controlled in the US, it is recommended that all people aged 11 to 64 years old receive a one-time dose of Tdap (providing protection against all 3 bacteria), as well as those aged 65 and older who anticipate having close contact with an infant less than 12 months of age. After a person has received Tdap, they should receive a booster Td dose (containing protection from tetanus and diphtheria) every 10 years.

Hepatitis A & B – Hepatitis A and B are infections of the liver which can lead to liver failure and death in advanced cases. Vaccination schedules have been released by the CDC for all children. Those who were not vaccinated as children are recommended to receive these vaccinations as adults. For Hepatitis A, adults (18 years of age and older) should receive an initial dose followed by a booster dose 6 to 18 months later. For Hepatitis B, adults should receive a 3-dose series of hepatitis B, with the 2nd and 3rd doses received 1 and 6 months after the first dose.

Meningitis – This vaccine series is recommended in adolescents starting at age 11. It is also indicated for adults up to 55 years old at high risk for the disease. Those at high risk include college freshman living in dorms, military personnel, people with certain immunodeficiencies, and those traveling to sub-Saharan Africa or Saudi Arabia.

Zoster (Shingles) – This vaccination is recommended for adults aged 60 years or older who had chickenpox as a child or received the live varicella vaccination in the past. Once the body is exposed to the chickenpox virus, it lies dormant in the body and can become reactivated later in life, causing herpes zoster, also known as shingles. Shingles is described by a painful inflammation of the nerves infected by the virus, which is often followed by a rash. The pain caused by shingles can persist for months or even years after the rash appears.

Vaccinations can be given here at Plain City Druggist to all those 18 years of age and older. Children who are 14 years and older can receive the influenza vaccine under parent/guardian approval. In many cases, we can bill your insurance directly, covering most or all of the cost of your vaccinations! Please call us at (614) 873-0880 or stop in and talk with any of our pharmacists to determine which vaccinations are appropriate for you.

Source: American Pharmacists Association. Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery, Twelfth Edition. Washington, DC: American Pharmacists Association, 2011. Print.

Kids 10 and Under Can Enter Coloring Contest for Christmas Under the Clock. Adults Can Enter Decorating Contest!

Christmas Under the Clock will be here before we know it. The annual happening falls on Saturday, December 1, this year. This is the 11th year for the holiday celebration and, while we love all the traditional aspects of this anticipated Village event, there are a few new traditions in the works.

Since 2010, the Village of Plain City and UPCO, the Uptown Plain City Organization, have chosen Tree Lighting Ambassadors to flip the switch to light the Bicentennial Park Christmas tree. The Ambassadors are the winners of the Christmas Under the Clock Coloring Contest. Children 10 and under can participate in the coloring contest. Mayor Sandra Adkins chooses the winners from three age categories: 5 years and under, 6-8 years, and 9-10 years. Children in the 43064 zip code are eligible to enter.

This year, besides the winners in the three age categories, two winners will be drawn randomly to produce five Tree Lighting Ambassadors. Each Ambassador will have their entry returned to them framed and with a prize ribbon.

To download and print out a copy of the coloring contest picture, go HERE.

You can also stop in Main Street Treasures to pick up a copy of the coloring contest form. Entries should be mailed to: Christmas Coloring, UPCO, P. O. Box 297, Plain City, Ohio 43064.

Entries must be postmarked by November 12. All winners must be available to participate in the tree lighting ceremony on Saturday, December 1, at 5 pm.

Additionally, there is a contest this year for those Christmas loving adults in Plain City. UPCO is holding the first Christmas Under the Clock Decorating Contest. The contest is open to residents and businesses within the Village corporation limits. The contest is being presented by QT1270 and Main Street Treasures and winners will be chosen by a panel of judges including QT1270 on air personality Pete Emmons. Winners will be chosen in three categories: Best Overall, Most Creative, and Best Use of Illumination.

To print out an entry form for the Decorating Contest, go HERE. Entry forms can also be picked up at Main Street Treasures or the Plain City Public Library. Mail your completed entry to: Christmas Decoration, UPCO, P. O. Box 297, Plain City, Ohio 43064. You can also drop the form off at Main Street Treasures or the Library. Entries must be turned in by Friday, November 23. Lights need to be turned on and decorations in place on Tuesday, November 27 and Wednesday, November 28 so the judges can pick the winners. Winners must be available for the awards ceremony at the Tree Lighting at 5 pm.

For a complete list of all the events taking place at Christmas Under the Clock on December 1, go HERE.

Once again, Plain City Druggist will be participating in the Business Open Houses, which begin at 5:30 pm. We will have food and drinks for our customers. We will also be registering attendees in the prize drawing for a $500 gift card and will have prizes of our own to give away!

Get ready for Christmas and Christmas Under the Clock!

Annual Christmas Bazaar at St. John’s is Saturday, November 10!

On Saturday, November 10, St. John’s Lutheran Church and School will be holding their Annual Christmas Bazaar from 9 am to 3 pm inside the school gym at 12809 State Route 736 in Marysville. Over fifty vendors will provide handmade arts and crafts, along with home-baked food items, and a children’s gift shop. Lunch will be available to purchase and there will be a children’s area to keep the kids entertained while you shop.

To find out more visit their Facebook page HERE.

Welcome to Our Fourth Year Pharmacy Student for November, Matt Hammond!

We’d like to introduce you to our fourth year pharmacy student for the month of November, Matt Hammond. Here is what Matt has to say about himself:

“Hi, everyone, my name is Matt Hammond and I am a fourth year pharmacy student from The Ohio State University. I’ll be working here at Plain City Druggist for the next month and just wanted to take the time to introduce myself!

Although I’ve lived in Columbus for the last three years, I’m originally from Valparaiso, Indiana. The original home of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn is about about an hour around Lake Michigan from downtown Chicago.  I graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in biochemistry in 2008 and worked full-time in a community pharmacy for a year before starting my pharmacy degree here at Ohio State in September 2009. I was drawn to pharmacy school not only due to my interest in how medications work, but also to the active role pharmacists have in working to optimize the medication regimens of patients and improve their quality of life. If you ever have any questions regarding how to get the most out of your medications during my stay here, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Outside of pharmacy, I enjoy running, disc golf, and hanging out with friends. I’m also attempting to become a better poker player (a risky proposition with the new casino having opened up recently!).

I look forward to seeing you around the pharmacy at Plain City Druggist!”

Please stop in and say hello to Matt this month!

Happy Birthday to The Captain, Richard Murray, on Sunday, November 4.

Happy Birthday to our very special friend and yachting captain, Richard Murray.

Richard, as most of you know, is Ann’s husband. Ann worked in Plain City Druggist from almost the first day we opened until last May when she finally decided to slow down and retire. Poor Richard was always being volunteered to help with things in the drugstore, because of Ann. From fixing toilets, taking deliveries, hanging festive lights, and opening bottled soda pop at Christmas Under the Clock, Richard has filled in and lent a hand whenever we’ve needed him. We cannot thank him and Ann enough for their dedication and friendship.

Happy Birthday, Richard. We hope you will have many, many more happy years! We love you.