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A Funny Holiday Story: Chalk or Peppermint Stick?

Right before Christmas, one of our super staff, Cherie, brought us in a gift bag. Inside the bag was a giant mug filled with goodies. The mug contained homemade muffins, cocoa mix, tea bags, pretzels dipped in chocolate, and a long skinny, white stick that looked a bit like a piece of chalk.

We did not take the mug and the goodies out of the gift bag, but only peered into the depths at the delectable snacks awaiting us.

Later, after carefully perusing the gift bag contents (still firmly located in the bottom of the mug in the gift bag), Joe pulled me from my office and asked me to look at the white stick.

“What do you think it is?” he asked.

“It looks like chalk,” I answered.

“I thought maybe it was a peppermint or a cinnamon stick,” he told me. “To dip in your hot chocolate or tea. But it didn’t taste like that.”

“You tasted it?” I asked.


“What did it taste like?”

“Chalk,” Joe said, sheepishly. “But why would there be chalk in a mug of treats? Here, you taste it and see what you think.”

“I’m not tasting it,” I said.

So what exactly was the white stick and why was it in the mug filled with yummy goodies?

Later, when we actually took the mug out of the gift bag, the identity of the white stick was obvious.

On the mug was a chalkboard that wrapped around the sides so that people could scribble messages or doodles. On the mug’s chalkboard, Cherie had written, “Merry Christmas.”

The white stick was chalk–and Joe actually tasted it!

Moral of the story: Do more investigative work before you try to eat anything.

Happy Holidays. And remember: if it looks like chalk and tastes like chalk, it probably is CHALK!

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