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Fill Your Easter Baskets at Plain City Druggist!

Thanks to the efforts of our super gift buyer, Carmen (and her predecessor, Lamphao), we have a ton of really nice items out front just waiting to fill Easter baskets. From jewelry to bubble bath to “nail art,” you can find something for all the children (and adults) you are making Easter baskets for.

We also have a lot of very pretty stuffed animals that will fit perfectly in an Easter basket. And while we are on this subject, stuffed animals are the kind I would encourage you to purchase for your kids’ Easter basket. The live chickens and bunnies and ducks may be appealing in the spur of the moment, but the appeal quickly wears off after the initial instantaneous excitement.

Living animals are a commitment of time, money, and care that can last up to ten years for rabbits. A stuffed animal is a one time monetary expenditure. A stuffed animal won’t bite, chew, or scratch. They are soft and cuddly and like to be clutched in a death grip at night in bed. And when the child is done playing with a cloth rabbit or fabric baby chick, it doesn’t need an adult to feed it or clean up after it. And it won’t die if it is neglected.

The bunny rescuers have a whole campaign at Easter: “Make Mine Chocolate.” They encourage parents to buy chocolate rabbits rather than living ones for Easter. You can read more about the campaign HERE.

I would add that at Plain City Druggist, you can also make yours stuffed–not just chocolate!

I would ask anyone who is thinking about buying a living animal for Easter to stop in and pick out one of our fluffy, soft, faux ones instead!

Beyond the basket goodies and stuffed animals, we also have items that remind people of the true meaning of Easter. We have beautiful gifts for grandparents, pastors, and parents–not just the Plain City kiddos.

So please stop in and fill up a shopping basket with everything you will need for Easter. And if you need some help, ask Carmen or Cherie or Lamphao or Monica or any of our other friendly staff for help making the perfect Easter purchases!

Don’t forget–we have 2 for $1.00 Easter cards, too!

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