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Plain City Will Feature a Fourth of July Parade this Year!

Many of you may have heard that the Fourth of July parade was going to be cancelled this year due to financial problems within the Village. But a group of concerned Plain City residents have taken it upon themselves (with blessings from the Village) to plan the parade and will be hosting fundraising events in the coming year to fund the fireworks, which have been cancelled for 2013.

The Fourth of July parade will take place on Thursday, July 4, at 2 pm, beginning at the north entrance of Pastime Park. The grand marshals of the parade will be the Lovejoy Family who are celebrating 63 years as grocery store owners in the Plain City community.

If you have a parade entry or would like more information, please contact Leslie Perkins, 614-873-8381 or Colleen Davis, 614-632-4512.

And if you’d like to help with the parade committee, please join their group on Facebook HERE.

There is also a Facebook group that has been set up to help with the fireworks fundraising for 2014. If you are interested in helping and would like to join the group, please go HERE.

Please come out and celebrate Independence Day by joining in or watching the parade, a Plain City patriotic tradition!

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4 Responses to “Plain City Will Feature a Fourth of July Parade this Year!”

  • Ryan–I completely understand your frustration. I know how much good you have tried to do for everyone in the Village, especially the police department. And you always stop by events to get photos and post about them. Joe and I are glad to have you around, so just know that we need good people like you in Plain City and you are appreciated. 🙂

  • Ryan Lane:


    Unfortunately my opinion has changed dramatically. I’m now embarrassed to call this place home.

  • Ryan–hang in there. You have always been Plain City’s biggest advocate. Hopefully there will be some good changes in the future.

  • Ryan Lane:

    this town has really begun to disgust me. I really want to move out of Plain City. I can’t wait to get out.

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