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Archive for August, 2015

Drug Trivia. By Our Student Pharmacist, Kevin Chang.


We are pharmacists, so we dispense medications every day. You are our precious customers, so you get drugs from us and hopefully you are taking them every day as directed. But do you know how your medicines were discovered?

Today we are going nerdy and talking about some interesting facts of medicines. Maybe, after reading this, you will be the smarty at trivia night someday–who knows?

  1. Coumadin/Jantoven (warfarin): Warfarin was discovered in 1921 when cattle died from hemorrhage illness caused by ingestion of sweet clover. Later on, it was used as rodent poison and then studied as an anticoagulant at the University of Wisconsin. The name WARF-ARIN came from combining the letters in “Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation” and coum-ARIN, the chemical found in sweet clover.
  1. Penicillin: I think no one will disagree that penicillin is one of the most important medicines in the world. Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming, a scientist who tried to grow bacteria on a Petri dish. The Petri dish, however, was contaminated with mold and no bacteria grew on the dish. Penicillin was subsequently isolated from the mold and found to be an antibiotic. Even though prototype penicillin is not often prescribed anymore, its derivatives are still widely used to treat different kinds of infections.
  1. Viagra (sildenafil): Viagra was first designed to treat high blood pressure and chest pain, but the study results were frustrating. The researchers found that some men in the studies had an embarrassing side effect from the drug. These gentlemen had uncontrolled erections after taking the pill. The drug company was soon purchased by Pfizer and Viagra was rebranded to treat erectile dysfunction in man.


I hope these little facts entertained you and will help you score for your trivia team!


Lovejoy’s Ad for Labor Day, August 31-September 6.

Take a look at the Lovejoy’s ad for August 31-September 6.

It’s time for Labor Day. Look at the Labor Day sale items and buy everything you need for your picnic or to grill out in the backyard.

Check out all the great 10 for $10 items. Buy one or ten. They are all only $1 each. There are hundreds of 10 for $10 items in the store.

There will also be a special 4 Day Sale from Thursday, September 3 to Sunday, September 6. Stop in and get lots of deals.

For more information on Lovejoy’s IGA, visit their web site HERE.

Remember, we hope you will shop locally and support locally owned businesses here in our community!

Click on each of the pages of the ad to enlarge them. When they show up on a separate page, click again to make the pages even bigger. You can also print them out and take them with you when you go shopping!

Ad 8:31-9:6

Ad 8:31-9:6, page 2

Ad 8:31-9:6, page 3

Ad 8:31-9:6, page 4

8:31-9:6, page 5

8:31-9:6, page 6

13th Annual Classic Car Cruise-In is Saturday, August 29.


It’s time once again for the Annual Plain City Classic Car Cruise-In. When the car show arrives, I always know that summer is winding down.

This year’s 13th Annual Cruise-In will take place in uptown Plain City on Main Street (Route 161) between Park Street and North Avenue on Saturday, August 29. The show is once again being sponsored by Bob Chapman Ford. Proceeds benefit the Uptown Plain City Organization (UPCO).

Registration is $13 the day of the show. Registration runs from 11 am to 2 pm at 204 West Main Street.

There will be tons of awards, including motorcycle awards and specially made awards. The awards ceremony will begin after 4 pm. The show runs until 5 pm.

Stop by for lots of food, fun, and super cars!

To find out more, go HERE. Pre-register and save $3 (only $10)!

To keep up on all the Car Show Events, Like the Facebook page HERE.


The Dog Days of Summer. Customer Appreciation Day on Friday, August 28. By Our August Student Pharmacist, Kevin Chang.


In my last blog posting, we talked about how to manage alcohol with your medications. From that posting, we now know that you have to be very careful when mixing your medicine with alcoholic beverages.

But what about medicine and hot dogs?

Good news ladies and gentlemen! You can get hot dogs as you pick up your medicine at the end of the month–and have no ill side effects–unless you eat too many and end up with a tummy ache!!

On Friday, August 28, here at Plain City Druggist, we are hosting our customer appreciation day, “The Dog Days of Summer.

Here is some information on the events happening that day:

  • Free hot dog giveaway: From 11 AM to 3 PM, all customers visiting our pharmacy will receive a free hot dog. Eat it yourself or give it to your dog buddy.
  • Free doggie bags: Customers who have loyal canine friends visiting the pharmacy will receive a free doggie bag for their dogs. You can even bring your dog passengers to the drive-through!
  • “Pick your breed”: Customers purchasing any over-the-counter products can participate in this game for a chance to win free prizes or discounts on their purchase.

Stop in and see us with your dog companions and get a hot dog for them or for you! It’s our way of surviving the Dog Days of Summer and thanking you for being such Loyal customers.


Vaccination Station. By Our August Student Pharmacist, Katy Hoffman.


It’s about that time of year again, the time of year for flu shots. Flu vaccines are seasonal, but there are other vaccines that are offered year round. This blog will cover the flu, pneumonia, and shingles vaccines, but there are several others offered at the pharmacy. Feel free to stop by our pharmacy with any of your vaccination questions, concerns, or desires.

  • Flu: The influenza virus can be a very serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Flu vaccines provide protection against the influenza viruses that research indicated will be most common during the upcoming season. You need a flu vaccine every year because your body’s response from the vaccine declines over time and the flu viruses are constantly changing. The vaccine takes about 2 weeks to work so it is important to get the vaccine early.
  • Pneumonia: Pneumococcal disease is also a very serious infection that causes pneumonia, meningitis, and blood stream infections. There are two types of pneumococcal vaccines recommended for adults: Prevnar and Pneomovax. The vaccines are indicated for all adults ages 65 years or older. There are certain conditions, such as diabetes and asthma, where earlier vaccination may be indicated. If you are unsure as to whether or not you need the vaccine, see one of our pharmacists for more information.
  • Shingles: Shingles is a very painful rash that anyone who has had chicken pox is at risk of developing. The shingles vaccine, Zostavax, is a one-time shot that reduces the risk of developing shingles. The vaccine is indicated for adults 50 years or older, although some insurances will only cover it for adults 60 years or older. If you would like to know if your insurance will cover the shingles vaccine, stop by our pharmacy and we will try to run it through your insurance.

Many people believe that vaccines can cause the disease they are meant to prevent. This is a myth. In fact, vaccines are fairly harmless. The only side effect people tend to notice is soreness at the injection site. This is a side effect for any injected medication. The soreness usually subsides within 1-3 days for the pneumonia and flu vaccines and 5-7 days for the shingles vaccine.


I hope you enjoyed the information on vaccines. Stop by our pharmacy if you have any additional questions or if you want to get a vaccine.