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Archive for August, 2015

Fall Means Football. By Our August Student Pharmacist, Katy Hoffman.


Football season is almost here and, not only does that mean the thrill of victory, but it also means the agony of defeat. I want to focus today’s blog on appropriate and inappropriate ways to handle the victories and defeats.

Appropriate ways to handle your team’s victory:

  • Staying out a bit later celebrating with other friends and fans.
  • Getting pizza or a celebratory meal.
  • Congratulating the other team on a hard fought game.

Inappropriate ways to handle your team’s victory:

  • Being mean to the opposing team or fans.
  • Mocking the opposing team or fans.
  • Spending all the money in your bank account celebrating the victory.

Appropriate ways to handle your team’s defeat:

  • Going to bed early.
  • Congratulating the other team on their victory.
  • Taking a nice warm bath.

Inappropriate ways to handle your team’s defeat:

  • Getting into a fight with an opposing player or fan.
  • Lashing out at anyone who tries to talk to you as if they are to blame for the loss.
  • Giving up or quitting on your team.

As football season approaches, I hope you find these tips helpful. Please be considerate of other fans and try to enjoy the games as much as possible. Always handle your victories and defeats appropriately and maintain excellent sportsmanship this football season. Happy watching!



Alcohol and Medicine. By Our August Student Pharmacist, Kevin Chang.


It’s the season again–football games, tailgate parties, autumn BBQs, and Labor Day cookouts. Often, included in these social activities is alcohol.

It’s okay to drink with friends and have a good time, but here’s something, as your pharmacists, that we worry about: drug interactions with alcohol.

Many of the medicines that you take daily may interact with alcoholic drinks and make your medicine more or less effective. If the medicines are less effective, then your symptoms are not controlled. However, if the medicines become more effective, then you might experience unwanted side effects.

Thus, it is important to know how to manage alcohol with your medicines.

Here are the tips:

  1. Avoid Flagyl (metronidazole) and alcohol. This is the most common interaction that we see in the pharmacy.  Some people who take Flagyl (metronidazole–a commonly used antibiotic) with alcohol have increased heartbeats, nausea, and shortness of breath. More studies are being conducted on this, but until then, it is best to just be safe and avoid alcohol while you are taking Flagyl. You should wait at least three days after finishing Flagyl before drinking alcohol.
  2. Avoid binge drinking. Anything excessive is bad and massive amounts of alcohol will interfere with your medicines. The dietary guidelines suggest up to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women is appropriate (1 drink = 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine, or 1.5 oz liquor).
  3. Take your medicines and your drinks separately. The best way to avoid any drug interactions is to avoid alcohol after taking your medicines.  Thus, try to take your medicines and drinks at least four (4) hours apart to reduce the interactions.
  4. Talk to your pharmacists. If you are not sure if you should be drinking, talk to your pharmacists. Here at Plain City Druggist, we have the best team to answer your questions. Just simply call us and we’ll let you know.

Finally, drink carefully. Drink responsibly. And remember, you don’t have to drink to have a good time!



Music in the Park Will Feature Aladdin Shrine Jazz Band on Sunday, August 16 at 7 pm.


Plain City’s Music in the Park continues with this wonderful Free concert featuring the Aladdin Shrine Jazz Band on Sunday, August 16 at 7 pm.

Bring a lawn chair or blanket and meet in the Gazebo area of the park. You can make a voluntary donation to the Plain City Music in the Park program at intermission.

For more information and the entire summer concert schedule, go to: www.pastime-music.com

The music performance on Sunday, August 30, which was supposed to feature the Plain City Community Band has been CANCELLED .

The final performance of the season will be on Sunday, September 27, at 7 pm and will showcase the Shrine Concert Band.

October 4, Sunday, 7 pm, Rain date for performances cancelled previously due to the weather.

For more information, call Frank Reed, 614-561-7311 or email FrankReed@pastime-music.com.

Marysville Charity Car Show is Saturday, August 15 from 8 am to 3 pm.


The inaugural Marysville Charity Car Show will rev into action on Saturday, August 15 with registration beginning at 8 am until 11:30 am. Awards will be presented at 3 pm.

After the presentation of the awards, the top ten cars will participate in a special cruise-in on the main airport runway of the All Ohio Balloon Fest. There will also be six foot tall trophies!!

The Marysville Charity Car Show benefits the Union County Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation, Great Lakes Region. So come out for some fun that helps very worthy groups!

The Charity Car Show will be held at Honda Marysville, 640 Coleman’s Crossing Blvd in Marysville.

Registration is $20 per car, which includes two tickets to the event. Extra tickets are $5 per person or $10 per family, with kids under 12 FREE.

For more information, visit the Union County Foundation web site HERE. You can also call 937-642-5701 or email: MCCS@unioncountyfoundation.org

Additionally, on that Saturday, the 40th Annual All Ohio Balloon Fest will be finishing up from 2 pm to 10 pm at the Union County Airport, 760 Clymer Road, Marysville. A single-day admission is $10 and kids under 12 are free.

A Ladies Day at the Market will also be taking place at the newly opened Partners Park in Historic Uptown Marysville. The Union County Farmers Market will be extended until 2 pm in Partners Park. Free shuttle service will be available from the Marysville Art League’s Houston House to Partners Park and to Honda Marysville, so you can partake in all the exciting events. Houston House will be open for tours.


Back to School Time. By Our August Student Pharmacist, Katy Hoffman.


August is here–the month kids have been dreading since the start of summer. The month that means it is time to return to school.

Getting back into school mode can be quite the chore. Here are some tips to help make the journey slightly more manageable.

  1. Try to get back on a proper sleeping schedule a few days before the start of school.
  • No more video games or television until the early morning or even past 8 PM– staring at bright screens can make it harder to fall asleep come bedtime.
  • No more caffeine past 6 PM— drinking caffeinated beverages (pop, tea, and/or coffee) later in the evening will make it more difficult to fall asleep at night.
  • Come up with a bedtime routine—this will help the body realize when it is time to go to bed and it will allow the body to relax for sleep.
  1. Eat healthier to help increase energy levels.
  • Limit your junk food intake— having a balanced diet is important to maintaining adequate and sustainable energy levels.
  • Drink plenty of water—staying well hydrated is also important to having adequate energy levels.
  1. Help ease the transition with positive thoughts and a great attitude.
  • Get excited for a new school year— it is a chance to reconnect with friends from class.
  • Back to school shopping does not have to be a drag—try to get more than just basic school supplies. Get something special like a new outfit.

Getting back into school mode is difficult, but hopefully these tips will help ease the transition. Remember to sleep and eat right and keep a positive attitude. Next summer will be here before you know it.


FYI: First Day of Classes for Important Schools and Colleges (per Robin).

Jonathan Alder begins school on Wednesday, August 19.

Fairbanks begins on Monday, August 17.

St. John’s Lutheran School begins on Thursday, August 20.

The Ohio State University begins classes on Tuesday, August 25.

Washington University in St. Louis starts academic activities on Monday, August 24. We had to add this in for Margie, because her daughter, Michaela, will begin her Freshman year on August 24. Have a great Autumn Semester, Mic!