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Seeking Photos of Five Generations of Families.


Joe and I were recently wondering how many fifth generation families there are in the Plain City area. We started contemplating this idea after printing out a photo for our dear friend, Ann Murray, that showed her with her four generations of family (the photo you see above).

Four generations are a bit easier to find. I can think of several families in the area who have four generations gathering for holidays and reunions. Nicky Mayer and Ruth Weeks both share four generations with Roger and Ann Weeks and their children and grandchildren. Barb and Steve Golden can both produce photos of four generations of family.

Five generations, however, are a little harder to locate.

So that is where you come in. Do you have a photo that shows five generations of your family? If you do, would you mind submitting it to joenrobincraft@gmail.com?

If the photo is an older one that you don’t have on your phone or your computer, just take a picture and email that picture of the photo to us. We’d like to see photos of five generations with all of the family currently living. But if you have historical photos of your families showing past reunions or holidays where five generations are gathered and some of those family members are no longer with us, we’d like to see those, too.

We’ll post all the photos on Facebook, so please include the last names of each generation (if they differ). We’ll also choose our favorite photo and the person who submitted it will get a $50 gift certificate to the pharmacy and a framed photo of their five generations of family.

We can’t wait to see how many fifth generation families exist in Plain City and the surrounding areas.

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