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Meet Wendy Lin, an Ohio State Pharmacy Student Who You Will See in the Store.


We have a pharmacy student with us off and on for the next week helping with things in the lab and behind the counter. Her name is Wendy Lin and she is a third year student from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy. If you stop in and see Wendy, please make her feel very welcome.

Here is what Wendy tells us about herself:

My name is Wendy Lin and I am a Class of 2018 PharmD Candidate at The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy.

I grew up in Canton, Ohio and moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2011 to start my college career. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2014 from The Ohio State University and decided to stay here to complete pharmacy school.

I have always wanted a career in which I can help people and have always seen the medical field as the best field for me. I became passionate about pharmacy in high school after having gone through some family medical problems and was fascinated with how certain chemicals can affect the human body to prevent and treat conditions.

I volunteered at a local hospital pharmacy in high school and worked for Kroger Pharmacy during undergrad and parts of pharmacy school. Though I loved the community feel and the ability to talk to patients, I left my position at Kroger in December 2015 to focus on a career in hospital pharmacy. I am currently a pharmacy intern at Riverside Methodist Hospital, where I have worked for the last 1.5 years.

Currently, I have an interest in ambulatory care, emergency medicine, and psychiatric pharmacy, but am sure that these interests will continue to change throughout my clinical rotations and residencies.

I have always loved the small local pharmacy feel, where I can get to know patients personally, so please feel free to stop in and say hi! I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you!

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