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Please Welcome Our Second Student Pharmacist for August, Moe Hamad.


We introduced you to Mackenzie Gill in a previous post. Mackenzie and Moe are both rotating with us for the month of August in the pharmacy. Moe is also a fourth year student at The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy and will graduate in May 2019 with his PharmD degree.

Here is what Moe tells us about himself:

My name is Mohammad Hamad, but everyone calls me Moe. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and went to Oakland University (Rochester, MI) for my undergraduate studies. I am a P4 student on my second rotation.

Currently, I work at CVS pharmacy in Dublin, OH and my ultimate goal after graduating will be to open an independent pharmacy in Michigan. My passion for pharmacy started at a young age and is directly tied to independent pharmacy. The local independent pharmacist is a family friend, and the way he treated my mother and me when we would pick up our medication had a personal touch. That connection he made on those visits is something I still remember to this day and was one of the top reasons why I entered healthcare. I was drawn in by the role of the independent pharmacist; an active member of the community who built relationships with his patients. Interest was sparked and the rest has been history!

Before pharmacy, I was a physical therapy major. I was drawn to physical therapy for the same reason I was drawn to pharmacy–the relationship between healthcare professional and patient. The patient trusts us to know what is best for them. It is our duty to reach out and make sure the patient gets the best quality of care. It is also our responsibility as a healthcare professional to ensure the highest quality of care. It is easier to meet the standard of care when you develop a personal relationship with the patient. A month into physical therapy school, I realized, for a variety of reasons, that this profession was not for me. After deep contemplation, I ultimately decided that pharmacy was the path for me.

In October of 2017, my older brother, who is also a pharmacist, opened his first pharmacy in Battle Creek, Michigan. Even though I have been busy with school, I have been a part of his journey and it’s been an interesting few months. There have been so many lessons that we have both learned that took us by surprise. One of the more pleasant experiences has been becoming part of the community through active leadership and seminars. It has gotten me more excited for my future in pharmacy!


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