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Meet Our Second Student Pharmacist for September, MiKayla Matheny.


We introduced you to Rebecca Miller in a previous post. Rebecca and MiKayla are both rotating with us for the month of September in the pharmacy. MiKayla is also a fourth year student at The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy and will graduate in May 2019 with her PharmD degree.

Here is what MiKayla tells us about herself:

Although I am originally from a small community in West Virginia, I moved to Ohio after deciding to pursue pharmacy school and Columbus has become my second home. I completed my BS in Pharmaceutical Science at The Ohio State University in 2015 and I am currently in my fourth and final year of the PharmD program.

I don’t know exactly when I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist. The interest developed gradually (sometime after I realized that growing up to be a marine biologist would be slightly impractical for someone who lived so far from the ocean). I largely credit my mother, a registered nurse, for helping develop my interest in the health professions. She encouraged me to explore pharmacy even before I decided I didn’t have the tolerance of bodily fluids required for medical school.

My most recent pharmacy work experience was with the OSU Medication Management Program, providing medication therapy management (MTM) services and counseling by phone to Medicare patients all over the country. It was fulfilling to speak with so many very different people every day and offer help with their complex medication regimens. And I can now offer myself as proof that not everyone who calls from a different time zone is necessarily a telemarketer or a scam artist.

I also enjoy volunteering in the pharmacy at Physicians CareConnection, a free clinic for uninsured patients in the Columbus area. The challenge of explaining medication regimens through an interpreter to patients who do not speak English often makes me wish to learn another language. Yet, I am always grateful when I can answer their questions which might not get addressed anywhere else.

Outside of pharmacy school, I try to find time for my other interests. I have something of a crochet addiction and I am recently teaching myself to sew and quilt–this in spite of the fact that both my younger siblings are convinced it makes me seem like an ‘old lady’. I always appreciate a good fantasy novel (or several), but sometimes I like science fiction for a change of pace. I have a very enthusiastic Australian cattle dog who loves to swim and can always wear me out with her playful energy.

I am excited to spend the month of September on rotation with all the wonderful people at Plain City Druggist and Midwestern Compounding Pharmacy.


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