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Andris Grinvalds is Our Student Pharmacist at Happy Druggist in West Jefferson for June. Please Make Him Feel Welcome!


This month, we are joined in the pharmacy in West Jefferson by Andris Grinvalds, a fourth year pharmacy student from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy. We are very fortunate to have a pharmacy student at each of the three stores this month. Steve McVey is here in Plain City. Stephanie VanHouten, who we introduced you to earlier in the week, is at Karl Road. And now, we are happy to introduce Andris who will be doing his rotation with Paul and the staff in West Jefferson.

Andris will graduate in May 2020 and will then take the test to become a registered pharmacist. Andris will be in West Jefferson throughout June, so please stop by and meet him while he is in the store.

Here is what Andris tells us about himself:

Hello, my name is Andris Grinvalds and I am a fourth-year pharmacy student at The Ohio State University. I will be interning at Happy Druggist in West Jefferson with Paul Westervelt. I have had two community rotations in the past, but neither were at an independent pharmacy. So far, my first impressions of the people who work here have been great, and the community has been so welcoming. After meeting the team, I can tell it will be an enjoyable month.

I am not sure which field of pharmacy I want to pursue yet, but I am interested in hospital pharmacy, industry, and research. I am keeping an open mind while on rotations and hope to figure out where I want to end up. I currently work at The James Cancer Hospital and have been there for three years. I am planning on applying to a residency after graduation, but that may change depending on my experiences during rotations.

I first became interested in becoming a pharmacist in high school. I had a great chemistry teacher who inspired me to pursue a career related to chemistry and I wanted to combine that somehow with healthcare. I began studying chemistry at Michigan State University with the end goal being pharmacy school after graduation. In my junior year, I decided to switch my major to biosystems engineering, because I really liked math and thought engineering was a perfect combination of both math and science.

I graduated from Michigan State with a Bachelor of Science degree in biosystems engineering with a concentration in biomedical engineering and a minor in brewing, distilling, and wine making.

After I graduated, my interest in pharmacy was still there and I decided to pursue a PharmD. I had some friends in the pharmacy program at Ohio State and they only had great things to say about the program. The following Fall, I only applied to one school, Ohio State University, and have never looked back!

In my spare time, I like to brew beer, read, and am also an avid hockey fan. Being from Michigan, I am a big Detroit Red Wings fan, but after living in Columbus for three years, the Blue Jackets are becoming a close second favorite team.

As for the homebrewing, I had the idea while I was taking an elective brewing class in my engineering program. I loved it and even taught my dad to brew so we could brew together. He enjoys it as much as I do and started brewing regularly, as well. We both enjoy hoppy beers and generally only make a type of beer called IPA, which is a more bitter beer bursting with flavor. My dad and I even grow our own hops at my parent’s house in southwest Michigan where I grew up. Photos of the hops we grow can be found at the end of the posting. 

I had never worked in an independent pharmacy before this rotation, but after my first day, I could tell it would be a special month. I really like the personal atmosphere everyone at Happy Druggist has with the community. There is a great connection that I did not experience while on my previous rotations at larger chain pharmacies. I know I will learn a lot from Paul and the team and am looking forward to a great month at Happy Druggist Pharmacy!




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