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Please Welcome Our Student Pharmacist for September, Barry Shen.

IMG_0588This month, we are joined in the pharmacy by Barry Shen, a fourth year pharmacy student from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy.

Barry will graduate in May 2020 and will then take the test to become a registered pharmacist. Barry will be with us throughout September, so please stop by and meet him while he is in the store.

Here is what Barry tells us about himself:

Hello everyone! I am a fourth year pharmacy student from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy on APPE rotations coming in to work with Meghan.

I was born and raised in Cincinnati. Pharmacy has been a profession I have been interested in since high school. My main interest lies in community pharmacy with disease states involving blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, COPD, and mental health. 

My first ever pharmacy experience was in undergrad when I started volunteering at the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio. While there, I was able to witness the impact pharmacists have on patients in managing their medications to provide them with the best lifestyle possible for their situations.

From there, what started as a mild interest became a burning passion as I worked to become a pharmacist for the next eight years.

Some of my other past pharmacy experiences include working as a pharmacy technician in Kroger in undergrad which served as one of my primary retail experiences. During my time at Kroger, I learned valuable customer service skills that helped me gain the technical skills needed in a retail pharmacy setting such as entering prescriptions and patient profiles along with insurance information management. 

During pharmacy school, I worked for the Medication Management Program at The Ohio State University where I counseled patients daily over the phone about their medication list. Working at the Medication Management Program allowed me to develop patient care skills such as documenting important information about their medications and the rationale behind them. It also taught me how to spot common drug interactions.  

Some notable past rotations include being at the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio and Logan County Community Health and Wellness. While at the Charitable Pharmacy I further developed my patient counseling skills from the Medication Management Program. The main patient population I encountered was the underserved. Counseling the underserved has provided me with a perspective on what patients go through if they cannot afford their medications. It was a much different experience counseling patients face to face compared to speaking with them over the phone.

During my time at Logan County Community Health and Wellness, I was able to not only counsel patients, but also look into pharmacogenetics. The main patient population is rural where there is no major hospital in the area. Compared to other rotations there was more smoking cessation, COPD, and mental health counseling I was given the opportunity to pursue. While at the clinic, I was able to see the potential pharmacogenomics play in selecting certain medications for patients especially in regards to drugs like SSRIs used for mental health and depression.   

Hobbies that I enjoy participating in outside of my profession include playing tennis, working out, trying out new restaurants, doing trivia, and reading up on the latest technology news involving companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft. It is amazing how just ten years ago having a flip phone was considered cool; now we have the power of the internet at literally the tip of our fingers.

My current favorite tennis player is Roger Federer.

My favorite spots to hang out at are local coffee shops. My goal while I am in Columbus is to complete the coffee trail to find the best coffee beans available.   



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