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Meet Our Second Student Pharmacist for January, Sam Berens.


This month, we are also joined in the pharmacy by Sam Berens, a fourth-year pharmacy student from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy.

Sam will graduate in May 2021 and will then take the test to become a registered pharmacist. Sam will be with us in Plain City, but besides working in the pharmacy, he will also be doing some special projects next door in the office with Joe. Please make him feel welcome if you see him in the store.

Here is what Sam tells us about himself:

My name is Sam Berens and I am a fourth year College of Pharmacy student at The Ohio State University.  I am currently a student pharmacist for the month of January at Plain City Druggist.

I was born and raised in Centerville, Ohio, which is a suburb in Dayton.  I also attended OSU as an undergrad where I received a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science. 

I recently got married last month (December) and love spending time with my wife and our cat and dog.  Some of my favorite hobbies at home include exercising, watching tv, and cooking.  Most importantly, I just always feel a need to stay busy.

I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, but it took me a while to figure out which career path was best for me.  I had not considered pharmacy as my career path until I got a job as a technician at Kroger pharmacy.  I enjoyed my work as a technician for two and half years until I started pharmacy school. 

In pharmacy school, I chose to pursue other aspects of pharmacy, so I got an internship at the James Cancer Hospital where I compound chemotherapy.  I have enjoyed learning the different career paths that pharmacy has to offer throughout school.

This last year of pharmacy school, I have had the opportunity to experience many other different types of pharmacy careers and due to the numerous other opportunities that are available, I am still trying to figure out what aspect of pharmacy best suits me.  In the end, I would just like to have a job that makes me happy to go to each day where I can focus on patient care and help everyone that I encounter. 

As a future pharmacist and healthcare professional, my primary focus will always be to help every patient as much as possible.  I have found that a lot of my family and friends do not know much about the rigorous schooling pharmacists have to go through, and therefore do not know what all a pharmacist is capable of in practice.  Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals and are always ready to help any patient in need.  It is my goal to make others understand our abilities so that everyone is provided optimal healthcare. 

Most people taking medications are often receiving multiple medications from various doctors.  This can cause issues because it is difficult for all the physicians to communicate with each other.  The common thread between all these prescribed medications is the pharmacist, so it is our job to make sure that what is being prescribed makes sense and is safe for our patients. 

It is my goal to continue furthering the field of pharmacy to better healthcare for everyone.



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