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Archive for the ‘PCD Staff’ Category

Please Welcome Our January Student Pharmacist, Brayson Ramirez.


This month, we are joined in the pharmacy and lab by Brayson Ramirez, a fourth year pharmacy student from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy. Brayson will graduate in May 2019 and will then take the test to become a registered pharmacist. Brayson will be with us throughout January, so please stop by and meet him while he is in the store. Show him the Plain City hospitality!

Here is what Brayson tells us about himself:

My name is Brayson Ramirez and I am in my last year of pharmacy school at Ohio State. I am from Mansfield, Ohio where most of my family is still located today. I am the first on my father’s side to graduate from college with any type of degree. On my mother’s side, my uncle was the first to attend college. My uncle went to Ohio State for pharmacy, as well, and graduated about 20 years ago. In that time, he has had a huge impact on my life personally and professionally. Growing up, I always looked up to my uncle and, after talking to him many times about pharmacy, I considered joining the profession.

One day when I was in eighth grade, my little sister, who I have always been very protective of, became very sick. She was initially a little sick with strep throat but that appeared to have gone away. She progressively got worse to the point that my mother looked at her once in the morning and immediately took her to the hospital. Some tests were run at the local hospital, but nothing was very clear. At that point, she was taken to Nationwide Children’s here in Columbus. It was determined that she was in diabetic ketoacidosis and that she was a Type 1 diabetic. My family had no idea what any of that meant. All we knew was that my sister looked horrible, could not do anything, and we were all very scared and helpless. One of the first people to stop by and visit my family was my uncle the pharmacist. He explained the disease to my parents and helped assure them that she was going to be okay. Hearing from my uncle provided relief we desperately needed and made me decide I wanted to be equipped with the same knowledge to be able to provide the same relief to others.

Many people came to talk to us over the next few days at the hospital and everything went by so fast, way too fast. In the chaos of the situation, my family felt ill-prepared to handle this disease we knew my sister was going to have to maintain for the rest of her life. We knew there were a lot of pokes and shots but there was no comfort or confidence. It was not until we visited our local pharmacy that we could feel empowerment to take control of the disease. The pharmacist there noticed every new prescription and took the time to show us in a more relaxed setting how each thing worked including how to monitor glucose, inject insulin, carb count, and what to do in situations where glucose was too high or low. At this point, my family was able to overcome our collective fear for my sister and I decided that I wanted to be the one to address situations like that in my community as a pharmacist.

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Meet Meghan Nestleroth, the Assistant Manager of Plain City Druggist and Manager of Midwestern Compounding Pharmacy: The Woman Who Can Do It All, Including Making Balloon Animals!!


There have been some changes brewing at Plain City Druggist, but the faces stepping in to keep the pharmacy running like clockwork are familiar–only the position titles have changed. Tayler, as we reported last week, is becoming the pharmacist manager and Meghan Nestleroth, who has been with us since she was a student also, will be filling in as assistant manager for Plain City Druggist and manager for the compounding pharmacy.

Here is Meghan’s bio so you can learn a bit more about her.

My name is Meghan and I’m the new manager of Midwestern Compounding Pharmacy and the assistant manager of Plain City Druggist. I graduated from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy in 2017 and started working with Plain City Druggist in October of 2017. If you’ve been in the pharmacy lately you have probably seen me behind the counter–if you can see me over my computer that is.

I grew up in Westerville, Ohio and made my parents very happy when I decided to stay in the Columbus area. I have a little bit of a commute to get to Plain City every day, but you can’t beat driving down country roads on a beautiful summer morning!

I decided I wanted to become a pharmacist when I was about 13 years old. I always knew I wanted to take after my mom and go into some sort of medical profession, I just wasn’t sure what. My mom suggested pharmacy and set up a shadowing experience with a pharmacist she worked with at OSU. After that day, I knew pharmacy was the career for me. My love for independent pharmacy was discovered while I was in pharmacy school at OSU. I started working at Joe’s second store, Happy Druggist Karl Road, as an intern and found my passion. I am beyond thrilled that I now get to continue that passion here in Plain City.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, playing in an adult kickball league, and going to local theater shows. My hidden talents include baking over-the-top cupcakes and making balloon animals.

I’m looking forward to getting to know all our customers better and learning more about Plain City. Who knows, if you stop by the pharmacy you might even get a balloon dog!




Meet Our Second Student Pharmacist for September, MiKayla Matheny.


We introduced you to Rebecca Miller in a previous post. Rebecca and MiKayla are both rotating with us for the month of September in the pharmacy. MiKayla is also a fourth year student at The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy and will graduate in May 2019 with her PharmD degree.

Here is what MiKayla tells us about herself:

Although I am originally from a small community in West Virginia, I moved to Ohio after deciding to pursue pharmacy school and Columbus has become my second home. I completed my BS in Pharmaceutical Science at The Ohio State University in 2015 and I am currently in my fourth and final year of the PharmD program.

I don’t know exactly when I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist. The interest developed gradually (sometime after I realized that growing up to be a marine biologist would be slightly impractical for someone who lived so far from the ocean). I largely credit my mother, a registered nurse, for helping develop my interest in the health professions. She encouraged me to explore pharmacy even before I decided I didn’t have the tolerance of bodily fluids required for medical school.

My most recent pharmacy work experience was with the OSU Medication Management Program, providing medication therapy management (MTM) services and counseling by phone to Medicare patients all over the country. It was fulfilling to speak with so many very different people every day and offer help with their complex medication regimens. And I can now offer myself as proof that not everyone who calls from a different time zone is necessarily a telemarketer or a scam artist.

I also enjoy volunteering in the pharmacy at Physicians CareConnection, a free clinic for uninsured patients in the Columbus area. The challenge of explaining medication regimens through an interpreter to patients who do not speak English often makes me wish to learn another language. Yet, I am always grateful when I can answer their questions which might not get addressed anywhere else.

Outside of pharmacy school, I try to find time for my other interests. I have something of a crochet addiction and I am recently teaching myself to sew and quilt–this in spite of the fact that both my younger siblings are convinced it makes me seem like an ‘old lady’. I always appreciate a good fantasy novel (or several), but sometimes I like science fiction for a change of pace. I have a very enthusiastic Australian cattle dog who loves to swim and can always wear me out with her playful energy.

I am excited to spend the month of September on rotation with all the wonderful people at Plain City Druggist and Midwestern Compounding Pharmacy.


A Love Letter to the Plain City Community from Tayler Yutzy, the New Plain City Druggist Pharmacist Manager.


Tayler learned he was a licensed pharmacist on September 5. We asked him to write a bio about himself to inform anyone who might not know him about his background as he moves into the position of pharmacist manager for Plain City Druggist. Tayler began as a clerk/delivery driver with us six years ago and worked his way up to technician and then pharmacy student intern. He has done every task in the pharmacy and in the compounding lab and knows what every employee does, because at one time or another, he has also performed that job.


Tayler will, of course, continue to be mentored by Joe, but Meghan Nestleroth, who has been with us for a year, will also be Tayler’s assistant manager. This dynamic duo will take good care of each of you.

Here is Tayler’s “love letter” to his Plain City patients, family, and friends:

I was born at THE Ohio State University hospital to long time Plain City residents Cliff and Eva Yutzy. I grew up here, graduating from Jonathan Alder where I played on the football team. I went on to THE Ohio State University to study pharmacy where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS). I continued my education at Ohio State receiving my PharmD to become a pharmacist.

My first job came at age 14, working for my father’s company, Yutzy Bros Inc. I’d help my dad on various jobs and deliver salt to customers. The job provided good money and allowed me to work closely with my father. Seeing the exemplary customer service he demonstrated every day is something I associate with family owned businesses and is something I try to emulate every day. After working in the hot July sun, my dad, covered in sweat, would tell me to pursue a profession where I could make a living with my mind, not my back. For me, pharmacy was that profession.

At age 20, I was searching for a position at a pharmacy. My experience with my father’s company led me away from opportunities at less personable big chain drugstores. I wanted a position close to Plain City and close to family. Plain City Druggist was the answer. The store already had a reputation as a friendly, neighborhood pharmacy, offering excellent service to the community–exactly the kind of business I wanted to be a part of. When I interviewed with Joe, I told him of my intentions to one day own my own independent pharmacy in my hometown. Joe looked at me puzzled and laughed, saying, “That’s my job!”

Six years later, I am still working closely with Joe. After becoming a licensed pharmacist, Joe offered me the position of pharmacy manager and I was very excited to accept. In these past six years, I’ve worked every position in the pharmacy and, in doing so, fell in love with the business and the community we serve. I am very excited for this opportunity and to work in the town that has already given me so much.

Thank you, Plain City, for your many blessings. This is my hometown, the place of my childhood and so many good memories. It is a dream come true to be able to serve this community and I look forward to working with you all.


Tayler Yutzy, PharmD

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Meet Our Student Pharmacist for September, Rebecca Miller.


We are so lucky to have two student pharmacists, Rebecca and MiKayla, this month from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy. In this posting, we’d like to introduce you to Rebecca.

Rebecca Miller is a fourth year student who will graduate in May 2019 and then go on to practice as a pharmacist.

Here is what Rebecca has to say about herself:

Who am I?

I don’t often think about my own identity because it is just who I am and how I live. I will start with some of the terms to which I self-identify easily: I am a mother, a spouse, a student, a lover of sci-fi and fantasy books, a person in desperate need of an intervention for her jig-saw puzzle addiction, a lover of knowledge, and a firm believer in universal respect and dignity.

I grew up in Stoutsville, Ohio, a tiny town 45 minutes south of Columbus. I was a somewhat non-traditional student and received my BS in Chemistry from Colorado Mesa University in 2015. My husband and beautiful (not-so-little anymore) baby girl were there to cheer me on at graduation. I have been enrolled at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy in their PharmD program since that time.

Why Pharmacy?

When I was younger, I loved science. As I considered what my career path would be, I would frequently ask myself “what will I enjoy doing for the rest of my life?” and “will it make the world a better place?”. Eventually, I was introduced to the idea of being a pharmacist and I haven’t looked back since.

What do I do?

While at OSU, I have endeavored to become the best pharmacist that I can be. In pursuit of that goal, I became a member of several student organizations and attended many professional events hosted by the college. I have contributed to, and been bettered by, the community by engaging with others, exhibiting my own unique experiences, and learning from the experience and wisdom of those around me.

As a member of our local CPNP (College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists) student chapter, I served as the chair for the Community Service and Outreach Committee. During this time, I worked to develop opportunities for PharmD students to volunteer to administer anxiety and depression screenings to patients, organized a community service project where we created and donated tissue-paper flowers for the patients who were unable to be with their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, and, during Autism Awareness Month, collaborated to create an Autism presentation for the organization’s website and an informational poster which was presented daily over the course of a week.

As a member of our local National Community Pharmacist Association (NCPA) student chapter, I was part of the OSU team which was selected to present our independent pharmacy service business plan at the 2018 Ohio Pharmacists Association conference, ultimately earning third place in the state-wide competition.

What now?

With the end of my formal education within sight, I am looking forward to returning with my family to Western Colorado to continue my life in pharmacy. I have contributed what I could to my peers and patients, tried to learn something new from every interaction I’ve have, and continued to remind myself to always keep working toward a better future for my patients, my peers, and myself.