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Please Welcome Aaron Reed Our Student Pharmacist at Karl Road in Columbus for the Month of June.


This month, we are joined at Happy Druggist on Karl Road by Aaron Reed, a fourth-year pharmacy student from The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy.

Aaron will graduate in May 2022 and will then take the test to become a registered pharmacist. Aaron will be with Kristie and the staff on Karl Road throughout June, so please stop by and meet him while he is in the store in Columbus.

Here is what Aaron tells us about himself:

My name is Aaron Reed and I am a fourth-year Doctorate of Pharmacy student at Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy. I have been at Ohio State now for eight years as I completed my undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in conjunction with my minor in Substance use and Addiction Studies. Obtaining this minor played right into where my interests in pharmacy began with drug abuse and addiction recovery.

Growing up in northwest Ohio during the peak of the opioid epidemic had a tremendous impact on my initial inclinations for pharmacy. Witnessing how the opioid epidemic impacted enveloped communities and ravaged the life of active users pushed me to pursue a career in pharmacy in hopes to join the recovery process and limit substance abuse.

My pharmacy journey began at CVS in Bexley where I started as a pharmacy technician during my undergraduate studies at Ohio State. I then proceeded to join Walgreens pharmacy in Shawnee Hills once I began pharmacy school. I have been working there as a pharmacy intern for the last three years.

Being able to serve the community through pharmacy has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. As I continued my journey through pharmacy school, my interests have shifted slightly towards the side of ambulatory pharmacy with a special focus on serving Veterans of service.

Following the passing of my grandfather in 2019, my focus on Veterans intensified after seeing the level of care that was provided to him and witnessing the trauma that these individuals can face from returning to civilian life after war. These traumas can last a lifetime and I hope to have the ability after I graduate to serve these individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifices for our freedoms. Seeing the impact that war and active service can have on the mental health of veterans, I have increasingly been intrigued by psychiatry and the treatment of mental health disorders. In the upcoming year, I hope to pursue a residency program through the Veterans Administration (VA) or in psychiatry following my rotations in both settings.

In my time away from pharmacy, there are many things that I enjoy, many of which include spending time with my newly engaged fiancé and our three-year-old boxer, Harvey. I recently proposed two weeks ago and have been enjoying the engaged life so far! Once the wedding planning begins, I am sure that this might change.

In addition to my engagement and my fiancé,  my personal hobbies include golf, both traditional and disc, bowling, playing guitar, and all aspects of video games.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a Student Pharmacist this month with Happy Druggist and can’t wait for all of the wonderful opportunities I will experience.