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Support Black and Orange Cat Foundation During The Big Give on October 10 at 10 am Through October 11 at Noon.


Consider helping Black and Orange Cat Foundation during The Big Give!!

The Big Give is a 26-hour online giving event hosted by The Columbus Foundation beginning October 10 at 10 am and ending October 11 at 12 pm (10/10 at 10 to start and 10/11 at 12 to end–see the cool number pattern) that allows Black and Orange Cat Foundation supporters to help tons of central Ohio kitties. Every dollar donated goes to help stray and feral cats.

The Columbus Foundation will pay all credit card fees and they will also provide a $1.3 million plus bonus pool of money that Black and Orange Cat Foundation is eligible to receive donations from. The minimum donation is only $20 via credit card.

Below is the link to Black and Orange Cat Foundation’s page in The Giving Store.

You will go here to donate during The Big Give from Tuesday, October 10 to Wednesday, October 11:


If you would like to see what other groups are participating in The Big Give, go to The Giving Store page and click on the “Explore by Category” button in the middle of the page. You can choose “Animal Welfare” to see everyone in that category, including Black and Orange Cat Foundation. Or if you can’t find our direct link, just put in Black and Orange Cat Foundation at the top of the page under “Explore the Giving Store” and you will find our page–where you will go the day of The Big Give!

This is the first year that Black and Orange Cat Foundation has been eligible to participate in The Big Give, as The Columbus Foundation added nonprofits from Union and Madison County to the pool of charitable groups. The Big Give works with organizations in 10 counties this year.


Small Business Saturday is November 30 and Giving Tuesday is December 3! Take Part!

After the flurry and credit card chaos of giant retail shopping sprees on Black Friday, consider shopping small.

Saturday, November 30 is a day to support local and smaller businesses on Small Business Saturday. Founded by American Express in 2010, this day has come to be celebrated each year on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. When you decide to shop small and keep your money locally, you help save your local economy.

According to the 3/50 Project, for every $100 that is spent locally in independent stores, $68 returns to the community through payroll, taxes, and other expenditures. When you spend $100 at a retail chain, only $43 stays within the community. When you buy online, nothing stays in your hometown.

If you have an American Express card, you can sign up on the Small Business Saturday web site to get a $10 statement credit when you make a purchase of $10 or more at a qualifying small business on November 30. Register your American Express Card HERE.

For more information, visit the Small Business Saturday web site HERE.

And LIKE Small Business Saturday on Facebook HERE.

Please consider shopping at all the local businesses in Plain City this coming Saturday. Here in the drugstore, we’ll be giving a ten percent discount on all purchases of $15 or more, excluding prescription medications (which we cannot discount due to rules with insurance companies). But you can still buy gift items and over-the-counter necessities.

And if you do buy gift items, we’ll have someone in the store from 10 am to noon wrapping presents for a donation to Black and Orange Cat Foundation. Bring as many boxes as you want us to wrap and we’ll provide the paper, bows, tape, and gift wrapping expertise for a donation that will help support spay and neuter efforts for stray and homeless cats in the Plain City area.

That brings us to Giving Tuesday. After days of crazy shopping (remember Cyber Monday comes shortly after Black Friday!), Tuesday, December 3 is a day to give back to local charitable organizations who need your help to continue doing good within your community. A group that is near and dear to our heart is, of course, Black and Orange Cat Foundation.

You can make a donation on Giving Tuesday to help Black and Orange with their spay and neuter efforts by visiting their Giving Tuesday donation page HERE.

For more information on Giving Tuesday, go HERE.

To LIKE Giving Tuesday on Facebook, go HERE.

Make Your Cat a Black and Orange Cat Foundation Calendar Pin Up!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to discover famous, furry faces for the 2013 Black and Orange Cat Foundation calendar!

This year Black and Orange is doing things a bit differently. It was a little overwhelming last year trying to keep track of the photos that were emailed to the group (almost 200!), so this year, they asked their web site guru, Vicki Watson, to set up an easy way to keep track of the photos and the stories that go along with them. Vicki arranged it so that the photos can be submitted online.

As a way to further fundraise for the kitties (an idea that Black and Orange got from Siamese Rescue and Grey2K USA), the group is asking for a $5 donation for each photo submitted.

Once again, all those with winning photos will receive a free 2013 calendar. The calendars will be $20 each (as they were last year) and they will be ready in time for holiday gift giving.

The deadline for photo submission is October 20.

Please send in your adorable cat’s photo and make him or her a Calendar Kitty! You can submit photos by going HERE.

Run, Bobbie, Run! Raise Money for Black and Orange Cat Foundation!

Black and Orange Cat Foundation’s board member, co-founder, volunteer, and foster, Bobbie Timmons, will be running the Columbus Marathon on Sunday, October 21, 2012. Bobbie has run two half marathons of 13.1 miles, but never the full 26.2 marathon. This will be her first endeavor at a full marathon and she has been practicing for months now to get ready. On Sunday, August 26, she ran the Emerald City Half Marathon in just about 2 hours and 45 minutes. That means, she will be running for around 5-6 hours for the full marathon! Impressive!

Bobbie decided to become a marathon runner to raise money for the kitties of Black and Orange. She will be running in a specially made B and O shirt and ball cap with the group’s logo embroidered on both. You can clearly see her coming in her black and orange outfit.

Bobbie is asking people to please donate either $0.50, $1, or $2 for every mile she is going to run ($13, $26, or $52 total). Her goal is to raise as much money as possible to help spay and neuter even more kitties in need. Black and Orange can spay a female cat for around $50 and neuter a male cat for $32. If you donate $0.50 or $1 per mile, the group will apply those amounts, $13 or $26, toward a cat neuter. If you donate $2 per mile ($52), Black and Orange will spay one female cat. Let’s see how many cats Black and Orange can spay and neuter using Bobbie’s very capable legs!

You can donate on Bobbie’s Cause Page HERE. You can also donate by clicking on the PayPal button on the B and O home page HERE.

Or if you would prefer, you can mail a donation to: Black and Orange Cat Foundation, P. O. Box 126, Plain City, Ohio 43064

Please send a note with your check or money order, stating that the donation is for Bobbie’s marathon campaign.

Thank you to John Hedgecock of Needle This Embroidery for making the shirts and hats with B and O’s logo embroidered so nicely across them. They turned out great! If you need something embroidered, contact John at hedgecockj@yahoo.com or 614-879-5990.

Vote for Black and Orange Cat Foundation in the Chase Community Giving Campaign from September 6 to September 19!

Black and Orange Cat Foundation is nominated to participate in the Chase Community Giving campaign where 196 groups will be chosen out of thousands to win cash prizes. The group with the most votes will win $250,000, while runners-up have the chance to win $100,000, $50,000, $20,000, and $10,000.

Check out the rules for voting by going HERE. Chase customers with an online account will receive two votes at www.chasegiving.com. You can only use one of those votes for Black and Orange. I would suggest using the other vote for PetPromise, who is also nominated and would like to win the $250,000 to build their cage-less Animal Community Center.

Facebook users who allow access to the Chase Community Giving app will also receive two votes. You can again only use one of those votes for Black and Orange. Facebook users will also have an opportunity to earn one bonus vote on Facebook. According to Chase, this bonus vote may be cast for any Eligible Nominated Charity even if the voter has already cast a vote for the same charity–so you could use your bonus vote again for Black and Orange.

Vote for Black and Orange on Facebook HERE.

Chase Customers who are also Facebook users can vote at www.ChaseGiving.com and Facebook. If a voter who is a Chase customer casts votes on both www.ChaseGiving.com and Facebook, the voter may vote for the same charity twice – once on www.ChaseGiving.com and once on Facebook. The same voter may vote a third time on Facebook if that voter earns a Bonus vote. The bonus vote can be used for Black and Orange, as well.

Earn an extra bonus vote on Facebook by clicking “Like, Send, or Tweet” on the page after you vote. If anyone follows the link and votes, you get an extra bonus vote that can be used for Black and Orange.

Chase Customers could potentially vote five times–and they could vote for Black and Orange three times–once at ChaseGiving.com, once on Facebook, and again on Facebook with a bonus vote!

Vote on Facebook HERE.

If you are a Chase Customer, Vote at ChaseGiving.com HERE.

Please help the kitties win. Black and Orange would be eternally grateful for just the $10,000 prize!!