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A Fleet of Drug Bugs Swarm The Streets of London.

We met with Ernie Sparks, owner of Ernie’s Medicine Shoppe (formerly London Apothecary) in London yesterday to take care of everything for the title for the Mini Cooper. Today, December 29, is the drawing date for the Mini Cooper raffle by Black and Orange Cat Foundation. A huge thanks again to Ernie for donating the Mini.

While we were in London, we got to see Ernie’s fleet of “drug bugs”–the convertible Volkswagen Bug cars that his employees drive to and from work and for deliveries. It was pretty cool to see them all lined up on the street in front of the pharmacy with license plates that said, “DRG BUG2” and so on.

So we wondered, should we have a whole fleet of Plain City Druggist Sprinter vans on the roads around Plain City featuring giant images of Joe on their sides? A fleet featuring “the sprinting man on the Sprinter van?”

It’s just a thought.

Be on the look out for the swarm of London Drug Bugs the next time you venture forth from Plain City.