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Posts Tagged ‘Ernestine Young’

Wearing the Sombrero is a Family Affair.

This month’s “sombrero customer” is not just one person, but a whole family who got into the act. Ernestine Young, who is one of our very favorite customers, kindly agreed to wear the sombrero–she wore it, but she didn’t wear the big grins that her daughter and son both wore when they donned the hat.

Following in Ernestine’s footsteps, her son, Allen Young, also agreed to pose for a photo wearing the sombrero. Allen is a super guy. Any time we need him to run errands for the pharmacy, he hops in his car and does whatever we ask. Allen is also a fabulous cat trapper and he helps Black and Orange Cat Foundation catch many, many wily kitties for their weekly clinics. Allen has single handedly reduced the cat population in Plain City just through his trapping efforts. You will have to ask Allen how many cats he has trapped for Black and Orange to spay and neuter.

Finally, Allen’s sister, Crystal Block, also joined in the fun and posed for us wearing the sombrero and a giant smile.

Thank you to our super sombrero customers, Ernestine, Allen, and Crystal for being a family of good sports and acting as goofy as the rest of us at Plain City Druggist.