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Posts Tagged ‘Heat Related Illnesses’

Heat Related Illnesses. By Our August Student Pharmacist, Ben Coles.

With the summer swelter still in full swing, it might continue to be difficult getting and staying cool. But what happens when our bodies lose the fight to cool down and get too hot? While our bodies naturally tell us to rest and increase sweat production and secretion when the temperature gets too high, sometimes we may succumb to a heat-related illness.

There are three different heat-related illnesses of different degrees of severity:


Heat cramps are the mildest form of heat-related illness and thus have the mildest symptoms.

The symptoms, as well as treatments, of heat cramps are explained below:


Heat exhaustion is more severe and is caused by the loss of water without fluid replacement. If not treated, heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke.

The symptoms and treatments of heat exhaustion are explained below:


Heat stroke is the most severe form of heat-related illness and is a medical emergency that needs treated immediately.

The symptoms and treatments for heat stroke are listed below:


Although heat-related illnesses can become very serious, the primary goal is to prevent anyone from progressing to one of these states. There are plenty of habits we can employ to stay hydrated and cool.


Let’s do all we can to enjoy the rest of our summer while staying hydrated and cool. For more information, visit: CDC.gov/extremeheat.