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Celebrate the 45th Earth Day on Saturday, April 25.


The very first Earth Day was celebrated forty-five years ago in 1970. Since that time, our oceans, lands, and animal inhabitants have grown ever more damaged and fragile.

Joe and I recently watched the documentary Mission Blue which tells the story of Dr. Sylvia Earle, legendary oceanographer, marine biologist, environmentalist, and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, and her fight to save the ocean, which she calls the “blue heart of the planet.”

I can think of no better film than Mission Blue to download from Netflix to honor Earth Day.

In 1970 when Earth Day began, there was only one dead zone (a spot with no living beings due to low oxygen concentrations) in the oceans. Today, there are over 500 of these areas, brought about through pollution and the destructive habits of humans.

Instead of dead zones, Dr. Earle would like to create “Hope Spots” in the oceans. These “Hope Spots” would be marine protected areas free from commercial fishing and other human activities, allowing the wildlife and environment to recover. You can watch Dr. Earle’s TED talk on her wish to protect our ocean and create “Hope Spots” HERE.

Watch the trailer for Mission Blue HERE. You will be amazed by the tiny, energetic Dr. Sylvia Earle who is almost 80-years-old.

You can also find out about all the news concerning our oceans by following the Mission Blue Facebook site HERE and Dr. Sylvia Earle’s Facebook site HERE.


Learn more about Earth Day and events you can participate in around Ohio by going HERE. Below are a few that are taking place in Columbus and surrounding counties.

The Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club will be celebrating Earth Month. For information on all of their events in April, go HERE and HERE.

Green Columbus will celebrate their 9th Earth Day with Earth Week from April 18-25 and a celebration on Saturday, April 25 at Columbus Commons. Find out more about events and the celebration HERE and HERE.

For a list of volunteer activities in Columbus and central Ohio, go HERE.

Like Green Columbus on Facebook HERE.

Several of the area Metro Parks will also be honoring Earth Day with programs throughout the Central Ohio area. To find a program you would enjoy, go HERE.