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The Union County Chamber of Commerce Encourages Residents to Support Local Businesses with Their “I Shop Local” Program.


Joe attended a joint business association meeting this week that brought together all of the local and county groups. The focus of the meeting was to encourage county residents to shop locally and get ideas for how businesses could bring their neighbors into their stores and offices.

The Union County Chamber of Commerce has a great program that they are updating and revamping called “I Shop Local.” They presented the meeting attendees with a goodie bag full of items to encourage businesses to sign up. Plain City Druggist is already part of the Union County “I Shop Local” program.

The Chamber also presented attendees with a flyer showing how shopping locally benefits communities.

For example, did you know that for every $100 that is spent at local businesses, $68 of that stays in Union County?

As the flyer says: “Shopping locally has a huge impact on our economy. In fact, three times the economic benefit compared to the same purchase made at a chain retailer. Why? Because local businesses bank locally, hire local accountants, attorneys and designers, and advertise in local media. The sales tax collected also funds important community services such as fire and police.”

There are approximately 1,047 businesses within Union County. Those businesses provide jobs for 26,730 people. Check out all the other neat facts about Union County businesses on the flyers at the bottom of the posting. You can also see a picture of the cool goodie bag the Chamber gave to everyone at the meeting.

For more information on the “I Shop Local” program, visit the web site HERE. You can see which businesses are participating, what deals they are giving shoppers, or sign your own business up to be listed on the web site.

Shop Local

Shop Local.


i Shop Local Union County Encourages Residents to Support Local Businesses!

To prepare for Small Business Saturday this coming Saturday, November 30, we wanted to tell you about “i Shop Local.”

The Union County Chamber of Commerce recently launched a program to encourage Union County residents to shop locally and support businesses in their communities. The i Shop Local Union County program pairs shoppers with participating county businesses. The Chamber gives residents cards that can be presented for special offers at participating Union County businesses that display the i Shop Local logo in their windows.

As Tina Knotts, Chamber and Tourism Director noted, “For every $100 we spend at locally-owned businesses, $68 stays right here in Union County, helping businesses grow, purchase services, pay their employees and add jobs so local residents have more money to spend and recirculate through our economy. It’s that easy–just shop local.”

Plain City Druggist is participating in the program. We are not yet listed on the web site, but we will give 5 percent off any gift or over-the-counter item when you present your i Shop Local card. This discount excludes prescription medications, as we cannot discount those due to legal reasons involving insurance company policies.

To find out which other businesses in Union County are participating and get discounts, go HERE.