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Do You Know Where This Fountain is Located?

Someone recently told Joe that we should drive by this pond and look at the beautiful ice sculpture created by the frozen fountain. The pond is dyed a deep blue and with the iced spray of water, a spark of color accentuated the otherwise drab, gray and white Ohio winter landscape. The water was still trying to burst forth from the ice and tiny spurts of droplets made a mist above the tower of blue ice. 

We want to find out if you know where this lovely bit of winter art is located. If you do, either email us, submit a comment with your guess, or stop in the pharmacy and tell us. If you get it right, we’ll have a prize for the first five correct answers. 

As a hint, I’ll tell you that it is on a back road in Plain City, but is probably only five minutes from town. 

And don’t worry, I’ll post where this is before it melts, so you can also take a quiet drive by and enjoy the beauty of frozen Plain City.