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Community Care Day is Tuesday, May 22.

It is time once again to help spruce up Plain City after the ravages of snow, rain, and overgrown weeds have left their mark on the streets and sidewalks. UPCO (Uptown Plain City Organization) is partnering with the United Way of Union County for Community Care Day 2012 on Tuesday, May 22, to not only clean up Plain City, but to also allow volunteers to help with other activities benefitting seniors, libraries, parks, and other community landmarks.

For 2012, Community Care Day is following in the footsteps of Princeton, Kentucky, a town that is pushing a “Let’s Paint the Town!” volunteer movement. Other towns are jumping on the paint bandwagon and finding volunteers to paint their towns. You can read a nice article about this idea HERE. For this Community Care Day, let’s Paint Plain City (as well, as helping with other much needed projects!).

UPCO is looking for people to coordinate events in the Plain City area. If you are interested in participating, please visit the UPCO web page HERE to find out more.

For a list of community projects you can help with or to request assistance with a specific project, visit the United Way of Union County’s web site HERE.